Friday, June 09, 2006

Chemo-soby # 7

I woke up this morning feeling better than the usual, so I watered some plants early before the sun was too high and it was still kind of cool. The air smelled really fresh, too. It never fails, you start to feel a little better and here comes the next treatment – I suppose that falls under Murphy’s Law. But that is okay. We are about half way through. Chemo-soby # 7 today. Doc said my blood work was in the normal range today. There is an alternating pattern every other week of compromised blood work and then rebound with shots the following week. He would like to avoid the shots if possible, but they are sometimes necessary. The nurse hit the vein the first try, which is always nice. You feel like you are vibrating after the treatment along with weakness in the legs, gassy/rumbly feeling and a strong desire to find the couch! It’s all for my good and I consider myself privileged to have access to health care and insurance like I have. Oh, I forgot to tell ya'll that I am getting pretty thin on the top. Robin thinks I should just shave it all off. I think I'll hang on to it as long as possible. I also think I figured out how to stay on top of the rash.
A friend from work (Cat) came by during the infusion and we caught up on office/work stuff. Another friend I used to work with – we miss her - (Liz) called Cat while we were talking and I was able to say hey to her. One more - while in the Dr.’s exam room another friend from work (Ken) came by to visit and drop off a book – he hit the nail on the head - a book about the origins of words. That is called etymology – not to be confused with etiology, which is the study of the origins of diseases. I find that type of stuff interesting. Also, I found out that one of the nurses who takes care of my chemo is the sister-in-law of Paul K. – a guy who used to go to church with me at Hosanna. It’s a small world after all.
All things Green: Did you know that Corn has an average of 800 kernels per ear? (1 per strand of silk). Can you imagine if you could invest cash and have that kind of return. The annual U.S. consumption of fresh sweet corn is 9 lbs. – 187 million bushels for cereal, tortillas, chips and other snack foods. 5 billion bushels are used for livestock feed. This next fact is depressing- 131 million bushels are used in the production of alcoholic beverages. We are drinking almost as much as we are eating. But you cannot get drunk off of tortillas – not yet anyway. I could eat corn on the cob or cream style corn every night.
My seeds I planted the other day are popping up in a row. Let's hope they grow.
God is into growth. He designed everything for growth. And for everything there is a season. I am in a season at this time which can be good or bad - growth or no growth - it is almost always our choice, our decision. We have to decide everday who we are going to serve. I constantly quote the scripture, "This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it".
I heard some great news today. One of the people I have requested prayer for, Dr. Mike Hackler, says his tumor has shrunk by 90%! This is almost unbelievable considering what the news was when he was first diagnosed. We rejoice with him. Also, continue to pray for Jill H., Christi W., and Austin Barber (needs heart/lung transplant).
I've talked enough. Have a great weekend. God Bless. George.


Anonymous said...

All God's promises are YES and AMEN!!!!!

Enjoy the Wonder's of His Love today!

FeatherIron said...

Have you ever heard the song Skin by Rascal Flats? You will cry but you should google the lyrics or even the song and listen to it.

I love the Ag. report I get each time I read your blog, It like a mini encyclopedia :-)

What did you think of that movie?

Your always in my thoughts and prayers George.