Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dog gone crazy ...

I know all true dog lovers would never hurt their dogs(s) intentionally - but after barking almost all night and then having to walk it at 3:30 am, after which he continues to bark - some less than righteous thoughts were crossing my mind towars the poor pooch. I did threaten him with various words such as "if you don't shut up"...... then I'm gonna . . . I confess I had enough. He doesn't do this often, usually only the night of getting his bath/trim at the groomers. So I really was trying to be understanding. I was wired already following the treament. The meds they give along with the chemo (steroid) has the potential to do that - to make you restless and sleepless. So I think I finally knocked out by the time the sun came up till around 8am. P.S - the stars at 3:30 in the morning are awesome!
Today from 10 to noon - I stand to be corrected if there has been any changes - is Brother Billy Wilson's wake. I think the funeral follows? He was a positive influence in my life even though we didn't talk alot. He was a peaceful, wise man who along with his wife were pillars in our fellowship. We hated to see them move north years back, but all things change. His family is in our thoughts and prayers and we are rejoicing with Bro. Billy for his new home and his eternal rest from all things earthly. His heavenly reward was waiting for him. Our Heavenly Father is wonderful and He does all things well.
I have to go an get ready for the funeral. Check out this quote and tell me if you know what movie it is from ....
Triumph is born out of struggle
Faith is the Alchemist
You want to paint pictures like this, you have to use some dark colors

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