Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Monday ...

Well, it’s Monday – again. Father’s Day was good. We ate at Picadilly after Church. The message was really good, one all dad’s need to hear. I did have to excuse myself a few times during the service – the ole’ chemo tears up the stomach and you never know when exactly it is going to choose to do it. You just have to be ready. That’s another reason I sit upstairs. But I determined I was staying on till Pastor was done. Thanks for the prayer Jack, Russell and Keith. Before the service I had to go by the OLOL to get a Neupogen shot – they call it a ‘drive by shooting’ since you walk in, get the shot and leave. I got another one today and also will get one tomorrow. It does something me – makes you sleepy and makes the food ride high for a while after I eat, but it allows me to stay on the chemo consistently. There were three new Neupy people I met that morning – the way you know is that they have to wait 20 minutes to see if they are going to have a reaction or not.
We got some more rain. I watered my yard yesterday for the first time in probably 6 months so I knew it was going to rain. We still need a good all day rain - no flooding, though. The okra, corn, squash and eggplants are still alive and growing. Hopefully we can get something to eat off of them.
I picked up my Tarceva (chemo pills) today. Did I ever tell ya’ll how much that stuff costs? I’ll give you a hint – it takes one Benjamin Franklin per pill to get the bottle out of the door of the pharmacy. Thank God I have good insurance. I think today was day # 58 for taking those pills. I also heard that there is a Renal (Kidney) cancer drug that works which has been approved. It costs $20K per two month supply. But it works. That’s what counts. One day hopefully cancer will be no more prevalent and easier to treat.
My dad’s surgery is on the 21st, so we are going to visit before since my mom said no way to me going to the hospital for the surgery. I’ll ask for ya’ll to pray for Mike and Patsy that the surgery will go as planned and that it will correct the problem. Anyone who has had chronic back trouble can understand how it can mess up our life.
Psalms 19 says, "The heaven's declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Sunrise or sunset - no two are the same. God is everywhere you look, if you are looking for Him. Keep looking up this week, this could be the best week you've had in months.
God be with you in all you say and do. George.

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Anonymous said...

what a tremendous blessing you are...praying for you everyday...
Bill and Cathy