Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to normal....

Thankfully, the temp. never got any higher than 100.2 - at 100.5 I was going to have to start on two different strong anti-biotics and potentially the hospital. We didn't want that to happen. To God be the Glory. Wednesday morning it was back to an acceptable level. Dodged that bullet.
My brother in law has sold his house. They moved a piano and some furniture into our living room space #2 and it looks and fits great! Almost like was supposed to be. The movers that carried everything in had to work fast between the downpours and we were the drying crew inside.
The great green outdoors loves this rain. I know however there are those who cannot work in it and it messes up their program/schedules but we need it. All of my garden has jumped up - including some little and not so little weeds. I can smell the okra cooking now.
The kids cleaned up around the rent house this am with supervision. They are not used to hot and heavy outside work (most of it was in the shade), but they got a good dose today. I am such a merciless dictator who is deaf to the cries of the poor working kids in my care - they worked two and a half hours. Hope they still love me.
My dad and mom are doing well. Dad takes it one day at a time and as we know recovery takes just that - time - and with a wife like my mom he has no choice but to recover with all of the attention she gives him.

Psalm 36:9
"For with thee is the fountain of life:
in thy light shall we see light."

Thanks for the prayer. George.


Stacie said...

Glad you are feeling better! : )

sonja said...

Awesome you are back to normal, although what is normal??? Ha, just kidding!
Thank you for allowing "super kid, or the energizer" come over last night, it was a big help!
See you in the "high places, eagle"