Friday, July 07, 2006

Birthday party ...

Chemo # 11 today. I have to get prayed up prior to my treatment for some reason, it is usually much less than I make it out to be in my mind. Getting the IV started is the key to the whole thing - once it is in and flowing it's just a matter of time before I get to leave. I was the only man in the room today. I took it at 3:30 pm. Got home At 6 pm. Robin invited the in laws, her brother and his in laws and of course all the kids. She cooked a chicken sausage gumbo and the house was in full order. We had a nice time. She cooked a cookie instead of cake. I don't have a big thing for cake - too fluffy - I like dessert - if I have to eat it - more dense/chewy. Then we had watermelon and of couse someone discovered the ice cream, had to. It wouldn't have been a party without it.
Thanks Maggie for the picture you mailed to me, it was beautiful. Aunt Eva, Ebby, Don and Barbara, Granny Ruth, mom and Dad, Bob and Gladys and the Carraways- thank you all for the cards and gifts. It is greatly appreciated. This is 42 years (on the 9th) and I plan on being here a lot longer in spite of the current circumstances.
My tummy is grumbling like an old pulp wood truck going up a hill with a full load. I'm going to encourage you to read Psalm 37. It has 40 awesome verses that will bless you. Too many for me to type at 20 words per minute.
Do what you have been wanting to do this weekend. Have a blessed one. GW.


Anonymous said...

Happy Merry Belated Birthday,George!
Another George W. had a birthday this week too...he's alot older than you! :)
Have a great birthday weekend...
Bill and Cathy

FeatherIron said...

happy b-day George!! We love you so much!! Here's to 42 more years!!

sonja said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite brother's in the Lord! You are a conquerer!!! And I know there will be many more years of birthday's to come!!!!
You are a blessing brother!!!


Russell said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear George
Happy birthday to you... and many more

Well, just count your blessings that you didn't have to listen to me sing that! You might prefer the needle.

Indeed many more, my friend. You are healed in Jesus name and it is just a matter of time before this difficult season will be over. Then on to new seasons that hopefully will be full of gratitude, wonder and praise for the ALL Powerful, ALL mercifu, ALL knowing and ALL loving God we serve and call "friend"
Blessings dear brother,

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday George! Here's to many many more.