Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Better day ...

Today was much better than the other few before. I took advantage of it and 'tightened up' some loose ends around here before we head to Houston. The dog even knows something is up. I can tell the stress level jumps up a notch the night and morning of a trip. We are looking forward to getting on the road - it's only about 5 hours. We will be staying at the same RV resort pre- and post- op. There are some things we want the kids to see in the city like the Museum of Natural History, etc. Hey, anything to keep my mind off of drinking the nasty stuff before the CT scan next Monday!
Yesterday (Tues.) was rather rough. Fever after the shot, etc. Couched it most of the day documenting everything related. Food tastes funny, wasn't hungry, which has improved on Wed.
Movies: We watched the 'Greatest Game ever Played' about Golf early in the 1900's. Prejudice is not just a color thing, but a class thing, which this movie exposes. The kids can watch it, mine liked it alot. Definitely a rental, not a go and see it flick. Felt encouraged afterwards.
The weather changed dramatically late afternoon - it must have gotten down to 70 degrees with a nice breeze. All plants are watered and ready for farmer brown's departure. The grass is cut, too.
The breeze and temperature change today reminds me of how the Lord gives us times of refreshing in the midst of a heated battle or struggle. Just when you think you cannot handle it anymore - when things get overwhelming - here comes a cool breeze from the spirit of God, needed but unexpected, desired but not deserved, simply because of His love for us. Relief from on High.
Hopefully you will experience this soon as God breathes new energy into your spirit enabling you to move forward with a fresh outlook. 'Cause you know what they say, 'it ain't over till it's over. Keep us four in your prayers this week. Thanks GW


Eva & Mike said...

Hope everything goes well
Mike & Eva

Eva & Mike said...
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FeatherIron said...

"There is always hope."

Aragorn-from The Two Towers

Stacie said...

Make the trip fun and relaxing. Praying for a God inspired report! Be safe and stay out of the traffic.

Pat Doise said...

You can be pleased to know that pastor's message "registered" with your daughter also. She was a little down about her results when we were working on certain basketball drills. I walked up to her and asked her what pastor had preached about Sunday. She immediately talked about a need to "See" what we are believing for. We talked about applying that to everyday life (including basketball), not only major events. Your daughter is such a blessing to me. By the way, she is daddy's girl.
Jesus is Lord!
Pat Doise