Monday, July 17, 2006

Neupy # 2

Got the shot today, and as expected a fever of 100.6 F along with it. It is down now (9 pm) into the 99 . something. I also had the cramping action before I left this morning to get the shot and also along the way. Man, that can make a mouse out of you real quick, but as for me, I'm calling upon the Name of the Lord when things like that happen. I got back home and lit on the couch almost the entire day except for the every 30 minute temp. check.
Church was great - " ' See', I give you the city of Jericho". Walls 20 foot thick and 25 feet high - and all we have to do is march around and play instruments and they will come down? God told Joshua to 'see' it. Good word Pastor Don.
Robin cooked a gumbo after church - I guess she's trying to up me one. My taste is so messed up I can't tell good from great or anything in between. I'll tell you what it is like - have you ever brushed your teeth and then drank some orange juice? You know that nasty feeling/flavor - that's the closest comparison I can give you. It should get better in a few days. The farther from treatment/shots I get the better it gets.
She also cut the yard on the big farmer brown's (red) tractor this evening - I think she likes it.
The A/C is doing it's thing again. I'm going to find out the brand name and type of unit and post it on this blog so everyone that reads will know of the lack of reliability of this particular product. Am I mad? No, just think things should work like they are supposed to, that's all. It is still cooling, just the compressor is locked into the 'on' position. We know what to do, it's just getting old having to do the same ole' thing. Go outside and flip the breaker when you want it off, then back on if you want it on.
Anyway, Psalms 47:1 says,
"Clap your hands all ye people,
shout unto God with a voice of triumph.
So that is what I am going to do.
Talk to ya'll tomorrow. GW

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AH said...

Yes, the word yesterday was right on time, as usual. It has stuck with me strong today, especially when I received the FOCUS ON TODAY message that I forwarded to Robin. Be sure to have her check email for it. Oh wait, ha! Apparently she just did. I just saw a email notice popup! That's funny. About the AC, you need to contact Daryl B. AC's are right up his alley. And he's right there next to y'all working at GS Baptist Church.

Prayers are continuing from the Herrin household even though we haven't blogged in quite sometime. We will include prayers for better taste too. I totally related to the toothpaste/orange juice thing!

Love you both!