Saturday, July 29, 2006

Change of plans ...

Quick update - My Dr. called us (in person) Friday afternoon about 6 pm to let us know that there was a scheduling mix up and that we did not have an appt with him this Monday. He apologized about the mix-up. The correct times are Tues. I meet with biopsy team and then Wed. have the biopsy at 11 am. Had we known this we would have left Thursday morning. So we kicked it into high gear, loaded the van and then headed home as fast as we legally could. We got in after midnight and unloaded. Can you believe I slept till 9 am this morning! Now that ain't normal.
We picked up the dog from the kennel and he was some excited to see us and to get into his own house. I know for me it was great to wake up at home in my own bed. Like Dorothy said, "there's no place like home". We thank God for the safe trip home and watching over us while in Houston.
The garden and the grass has grown. The place looks great. The A/C is working. The mail our neighbor was collecting weighed about 10 lbs. - in it was my back ordered garden magazine issues. So today we will be organizing our lives because school starts next week for Robin and the week after for the kids. Time is flying by.
Will blog more later. GW

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Anonymous said...

George, I hadn't checked the blog in a few days so, when we saw you at church this morning, I didn't know the latest possibilities. It seems you have two reports, my friend, so whose report will you believe? And don't think I'm being flippant. You have heard the word of the Lord from the mouths of believers whom you know hear from God. They are proven. None of us understand why you are walking this road and none of us like it. It's frustrating, it's scary, and it hurts. I's so easy to feel betrayed...but God is still God and He is not in the business of betrayal. Giving in to despair is like going back after serving just can't do it because those old clothes don't fit anymore. When you can't hold yourself up, those of us who love you will do it. Despair is not an option. You and Robin need to daily remind yourselves of what God has already said regarding you. You will win this fight. You will overcome. This enemy has already been the cross! We love you. Bev