Friday, July 21, 2006

Dog show ...

Woke up, Robin cooked biscuits and eggs and then we headed to the Houston Dog show - I have never seen anything like this in my life. There are breeds you have never heard of! Some of the biggest (bull mastif) and some of the smallest (toy poms) I have seen. There were also some very rare and expensive breeds. We spent about 4 hours watching dogs do their thing. The most exciting is the "Fly Ball" competition where a team of 4 dogs run a 51 foot track with 4 hurdles and a ball at the end. Once the first dog gets the ball and returns the other dogs follow doing the same thing and the fastest team wins. Of course, not all of the dogs are pros, so you see some funny stuff. Robin is of course smitten with the toy poms - I have to remind her we already have a pom! My advice at any dog show is this, when in doubt, do not step on it!!!
We then headed home for about 2 hours (i had to lay down for a while) and then back out to the Clydes house to visit. They treated us to Fajitas, our kids played with theirs and a good time was had by all. She is double pregnant -twins that is - with four already running around.
The next thing we did will make your mouth water - we stopped by a set of 2 stores - one is a chocolate/ice cream shop with every kind of chocolate confection know to man, the next is a candy store that carries every type of candy you can imagine, even from when you were a kid. Remember Chickle stick? They also have all of the Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors. I had to buy some of those. The only surprise was when we were leaving, it was dark, so I was eating one at time. Then all of a sudden this intense heat hit my mouth - it was a Jalapeno flavored jelly bean! That is so wrong! They also have garlic, buttered toast etc. By this time, it is bed time. We have our sites set on Galveston tomorrow.
We had a very good day today with minimum symptoms thank God.
Psalm 51. GW.


sonja said...

Sounds like you are being blessed by the Lord and having an awesome time! Good to hear about the little boy! You are right, God is Good!
Say a prayer for Wil's dad and Ida Lee when your in your closet with the Lord!
I will go by your house tomarrow to check it all out!
Keep having an awesome time!!!!


Anonymous said...

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