Saturday, July 22, 2006

Early Saturday in Houston....

Yesterday must have been a little too much for me, I woke up with a temperature of 101. I am laying low for a while to see if it comes down or if I need to start taking my antibiotics. We are believeing for the first scenario of course.

Robin cooked waffles for breakfast this morning, or should I say she started to until she realized we didn't have any oil. Thankfully, there is a Fiesta close and I was off to buy some oil. After much contemplation, I bought LouAna oil, which is made in Opelousas. (Got to support LA business). So waffles and eggs it was for breakfast.

We were planning to go to Galveston today but may put it off until Tuesday. We have an Astros game in store for Tuesday night. Oh yeah and the occassional doctors visit in between all of the fun. We will update you later, please continue to pray for a good report.

GW and RW

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George and Robin, just got back from Sat. morning prayer and prayed,prayed and prayed for you both. Although this is my first note, Harry, Joan and I have been continually praying for you and keeping up with the blog. One of my favorite proverbs: 16:3 "commit thy way unto the LORD and thy thoughts shall be established".Love you. Louise Meng

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