Sunday, July 02, 2006

Freedom ...

I told you, you should have been in Church today. Being born-again and free - tied into the freedom with the 4th of July theme was Pastor Don's message. We had a freedom run/march at the end of the service down at the altar. Awesome worship service. The worship team will be making a CD in August which is exciting.
A funny thing happened in the store today. My daughter and I were on the shampoo isle both looking for our own brand of shampoo when it hit me ---- 'dummy, you don't have any hair too shampoo!' We both had a good laugh on that one. I still forget my hairless state of being sometimes. You also notice how many guys are either bald naturally or are shaved by choice. It's kind of like seeing your model car all over the place after you buy it whereas before you owned it you rarely even noticed.
Sitting here sipping on some cranberry juice - no sugar added - the stuff with bite. Supposed to be 'good for the get along'. Ate some fresh cherries at mom's house the other day - man! you talk about good. I could eat my weight in them there things - almost - they are so good. And again, good for you.
I read more on the Neupogen shots and how it works. Here is my condensed and filtered version. The bone marrow makes these cells which are like a blank slate ready to be told what to become. Introduce the shots and the receptor sites on these blank cells are told to become white blood cells instead of something else. Now who figured that out? My white count goes up back into the normal range and potentially dangerous infections are avoided and treatments can continue.
Now it is interesting that some kid somewhere grew up and studied and studied and one day discovered in whole or in part the Neupogen thing. I find it more interesting thinking about the One that made the brain work in such a way that it can figure out its own self - diagnose itself. Like plugging you car into the dealerships computer. Who made the car and who made the computer we know, but what about the amazing One who made the one who made the car and the computer. Now that's the One I want to meet in person one day. But the cool thing is this - I don't have to wait, I can know Him now by just asking. It's kind of like a long distance relationship since I cannot see Him, but He lets me know He is there in so many ways. That's the God we serve. An ever present help.
Have a great 4th of July and don't start any fire with your fireworks.
God be with you. GW.

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Russell said...

Yes, FREEDOM is priceless, George. I am with you on how blessed we are who have been born or who have made their way to the USA. Too many people here have no concept of what it is like to live in another country and thus they take for granted or are not really grateful for what we have been given by the Lord God. I am so grateful, so proud, so blessed to be alive at such a time as this. We have so much, thus we are to give so much! I want to encourage you to continue running the good race, dear brother. Your written words have God's annointing on them so that others will be able to eat of the fruit and to be nourished in their spirit. I was out of town this weekend with my two sons and my son-in-law in The Woodlands, TX and we had our 1st Annual Golf Weekend...I am so blessed!!! I know you are too, inspite of the "C"....Hope to see you soon.