Saturday, July 01, 2006

Back home ...

All is well at mom and dad's house. We had a good visit, some good food and fun. Dad is percolating a little slow but he is getting around pretty good. We also had a chance to visit with Ellie and Jerry - she is my mom's friend whose house burnt down last week. They are staying with them until they can find and apartment. She was having to make an inventory of everything lost due to the fire. It is nerve racking.
My oldest is back home from the volleyball get away and she followed her parents instructions concerning getting a sunburn - she did not get one. Everyone here is on the sleepy side with all the running around.
The dog was glad to see us, too.

Hope to be in Church tomorrow. Got to get the ole shot before Sunday school. If you do not have a home Church, come and check out Hosanna.

God Bless. George.

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