Monday, August 07, 2006

Awaiting results ..

Today is going to be a good day. First day of school. Beautiful weather. The anchor holds. We are supposed to get the results of the biopsy sometime today, if we do not get a call, we were told to page the Dr. from M.D. Anderson.
Mom and Dad are coming to town tomorrow. So I am going to be 'tightening' up the house today. Cooked breakfast for the kids and cleaned the kitchen. Someone told me the other day that when their mom would tell them to clean up their room, the kids would ask, "who's coming over"? I can relate.
Cat story: That crazy cat is getting comfortable, maybe too comfortable. He is now jumping up to the window on the house door ( 3 ft. high) and holding on with his front claws and peaking into the house. All you can see is his little eyes just over the bottom edge of the window. He can't hold on too long, so he will keep jumping until we make him stop. The sound of claws scratching my door is not too comforting. I have threatened to 'do him in' if he does not stop (but you know I am kidding). This morning I saw him chasing and pouncing on what I guess was a cricket. He is cute and helps to keep things lite. We get the dog from the kennel today. He spent the night while we were in N.O. He and the cat 'kind of' get along.
Ephesians 5:1 "Therefore be imitators of God as dear children".

As soon as we find out something I will let ya'll know. GW


Kim said...

Hey George, you are up and around early this morning! Jealous to see you have a lovely garden growing with such yummy stuff!

You know, you are a Barnabas--Son of Encouragement! Your blog speaks life! Pastor spoke about this yesterday, and I thought about you and the words that you write. We are so blessed by reading it.

Want you to know that Doug and I are lifting you up and expecting great things through HIM for you! We love you very much! Melissa said to tell you Hi and that she is thinking about you.
Kim and Doug

AH said...

"The Anchor Holds".... thanks for putting that song by Ray Boltz in my heart today.

Love and prayers to you today!

Anonymous said...

We love ya'll...missed seeing ya'll yesterday.
We're standing with you...
Cathy and Bill