Saturday, August 05, 2006

In N.O...

Me and Jason Doise got together for lunch and tore up some big ole burritos at the Cactus cafe in Central (off of Sullivan/Greenwell springs road). It was some kind of good. Then we went to Central Perks next door and had one of those cold coffee concoctions with the whipped cream on top - decaf for me. I had to leave before I ordered another one. It was that good. We had some good fellowship and caught up on life and all that God is doing.
Made it to N.O. The weather got really bad at home and then we headed down I-10 to N.O. and almost got caught in some more - which had severe warnings with it. You could see the planes taking off towards the south to avoid the black clouds coming across the lake. We got rain at moms, but no tornados, etc.
Ate a fantastic supper and played 'chicken foot' - a type of domino game for those who have never heard of it - till 10 pm. Getting together with more family tomorrow.
We will not be in church since we are over here - we will have to get the CD. We listened to Pastor don's message from last Wednesday about Abraham on the way to N.O. - great teaching - get it if you were not there for the service.

God Bless. GW

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AH said...

I think I would like to hear that message by Pastor Don... "Abraham on the way to New Orleans", bet it was a good message. HAHAHAHA