Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beautiful sunday ...

This was a beautiful day. Great service – pastor challenged us today. We had lunch with friends at ‘La Carettas’ – they forced me to eat dessert.. We then had a good family evening. I sautéed some fresh okra, green beans and I finally got to eat some of our home grown white sweet corn – first pick – for supper. The girls were still full from lunch but you know about us boys. It was all delish. It is just something about growing and then eating your own vegis and fruit. It is a blessing. I appreciate so much more every bite since I had the several months of messed up taste from the chemo. Right now the food is tasting so much better. But Jesus said “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” So I cannot get my eyes on food and the ability to enjoy it only, nor can I focus on feeling better physically, even though that is great. Regardless of my present circumstances – good or bad – I must continue my relationship with God. I believe that is where true life is found. How can I love my really family if God is not present? How can I do my job to the best of my ability if God is not in it? He is what sustains me and you. We need His Presence.
Movie critique: After much consideration, we decided to watch the ‘World Trade Center’ (WTC). There is a web site which tells you all about the movie you select. We knew there would be bad language and some very tough scenes – we talked about this with the kids so they would understand that this is an exception to our normal rules about movies and content. I must say that is was good in the sense of making the viewer ‘feel’. Like ‘Schindler’s List’, you left the movie ‘feeling’ something. As we were leaving the movie WTC, I overheard two young men who were probably 16 yrs. old. One was telling the other how he felt so angry about what happened. Robin said this movie affected her more than the event itself when it originally happened 5 years ago – she was crying. I was not to the point of tears, but it did give us insight into the lives of people affected – and who are still affected – by what happened. Many others in the theater were also crying. It deals less with who did it and why, and more with the various families who had loved ones trapped in the collapsed buildings. The issue of Jesus and personal faith is covered also in a positive light. Nick Cage did a good job. I would recommend it to adults. You kind of have to be in the mood – this is not just another entertaining movie. As for younger people, parents have to decide that one. It is a good chance to open a dialogue about 9-11-01, too, since many kids do not even remember it. We just need to remember what happened and not let it slip into history like so many other events.
The cats are a hit with the wife and kids - and I am getting sucked into it, too. Tippy has turned out to be quite the affectionate one who loves to be petted. The black cat has opened up more and lets us pet him, but he is still not as open as Tippy. They both still have to work on their relationship to Kenny the dog. What they have to understand is that he was here first and has seniority. When we take him out for a walk, if they get close to each other, the cats will bow the back up and hiss at him – he just keeps walking. I will admit it is nice to have a really cute fuzzy pet greeting you at the door with a meow and some affection.
I have been reading Paul’s numerous letters. They are so full of interesting thoughts. You can just picture how things were for the 1st century Christians and how he was trying keep them unified & focused on Christ. The neat thing about scripture is how you can read it and then read it again 6 months later and get something different out of it. The Word of God is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword. I can personally say that having scripture memorized has been a great help when you are going through unpleasant situations. Quote the Word and call down the Presence of God.
And if anyone wants to know, "I ain't dead yet". See ya’ll.GW

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