Thursday, August 24, 2006

From wired to worn out ...

Man, it was tough when that alarm clock went of this morning. Legal drugs are good when you need them, but the flip side is not always as helpful. I finally hit the bed at around 2:30 am - just couldn't get sleepy. Then 6 am came roaring in like a Bull Elephant on steroids. I told the kids that they were on their own for breakfast today and went back to bed - but then my stomach began giving me 'subtle hints' that an upright position would probably be the better choice. So there I was, up anyway. The juices started flowing (kind of), I kissed everyone out the door and ate two of those giant pears that I talked about a few posts back. The one pictured is almost 4 inches in diameter and it was one of the smaller ones I have left.
I picked another two gallons of okra earlier today with my gloves, clippers, chinese sun hat and all in one chemical plant suit - I call it a 'onesy' since it covers it all. We have been freezing some of it for winter use. The pods are getting tougher at smaller sizes, maybe because of the heat? So I am having to pick them smaller to ensure tenderness. Anything overgrown is allowed to keep going - I'll let them dry out on the plant and use those seeds for next year.
I had to drop off a hard drive and then head back home to eat something more substantial in order to be able to take my Xeloda on time (my, my, my, my Xeloda - forgive me - I had an 1980's rock-n-roll flash back).
The sun is a killer. I'll probably have to play the vampire act again during the day or use sun screen if I have to get out. That's okay, sunscreen reminds me of the beach - minus the sand in all those uncomfortable places - the floor mats in the car, of course.
Warning : mouse and rat talk ahead.
I think we have a mouse in one of our walls - we have been hearing noises - so it is time to place some mouse treats or traps - I can't decide which to use. The idea of any living thing suffering to death via a dose of poison does not appeal to me, especially since occasionally the wrong critter eats it or worse yet the wrong critter eats the critter that did eat it (like a hawk or owl). A quick kill with a trap is a preferrable option, but then I have had in the distant past partial injuries occur and had to climb into the attic to retrieve a screaming rat or mouse who had a glancing blow on the nose and yet could not free itself from the clutches of the mean old trap - but boy could it still make some disturbingly painful noise - even to me. The jury is still out. I would love to here your success stories - and no, I am not calling a pest control guy.
The Medical Front: I put a call into my Oncologist concerning me getting a medi-port and also to my office about seeing if one of my surgeons could possibly do it for me. Have yet to hear back from the Oncologist.
God is good, all the time. A very present help in times of trouble.
Be blessed and be a blessing. George.


tonja said...

Do you know about this website? it has great articles and just tons of info on gardening in Louisiana:

i'm no expert, i just know where to look with my questions...i guess the researcher/librarian in David is rubbing off :-)

Stacie said...

George, admit it, that was a 70's flashback. Can't get around it we are the old people we use to talk about when we were kids.

Anonymous said...

Reading "The Tongue, A creative force" by Charles Capp:

It is in your power to release the ability of God.
Start saying, "The power of God is in me to put me over." "Greater is he that's within me than he that is in the world" (I John 4:4). "I'm quickened according to the Word of God. I thank God that the ABILITY OF GOD IS RELEASED WITHIN ME. I stand before demons, I stand before sickness and disease, and I have no fear, because the ABILITY OF GOD IS RELEASED WITHIN ME, by the words of my mouth and by the WORD OF GOD.
Praise the name of the Lord!!!

"The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth, and addeth learning to his lips" (proverbs 16:23)

"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." (Prov. 16:24)

Since the Lord lives in US that is dwells within our hearts and flows out of us on to others, then out of the ABUNDANCE of your heart, the MOUTH SPEAKS!!

The Lord is indeed teaching you George, greater faith, greater anointing, greater things to come by the Spirit of the Lord.

That's exciting!


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the pictures you've been posting...almost forgot what you looked like with hair! My 8 year old told us she thought Mr. George looked like a "dude" with his new there!: )
Good seeing ya'll last night...

Russell said...

Hey, George:
An "old time" character that you might remember was "Mr. Potatoe Head", welllllll, Georgie, I think you should now be referred to as, yes, MR. OKRA-HEAD. Man, you must be 50% okra juice on the inside based on how much of the green stuff you eat. But, you know what? I love okra, Mr. Okra-Head, so that means I love you too. So, be happy and vegg-out.
Mr. Banana-Head (aka Russell)

FeatherIron said...

George, did you see how I pimped out Mine and Dean's blogs with big pics in the header? No easy feat my friend, took hours but now, I am just out of control in the blog-sphere!

kayla said...

Hey George,
How'd you get the picture up on your blog? I've been trying to figure that out on mine and I guess I'm technically challenged... About mouse poison. Yes, traps are better. When Keith was out to sea once, I saw that we had a mouse... Didn't want to do the dirty deed of removing his squished little body from the trap, so I opted for poison. Well, they died alright. But they got their revenge... Went off and died in hidden places. I'd have to hunt them down by their smell. The worse was the one that died in my purse. I found it DAYS later.... I'll just leave out the gory details and leave that one to your imagination.... Yuck!