Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wired ...

I know it's a little corny, but here is a shot of that delicious sweet corn "Silver Queen" which is a normal sugary hybrid. I recommend it. The thing about corn, it is recommended that you cook and eat as close to harvesting as is possible, since once removed from the plant it begins turning from sugar to starch. The longer it sets around, the more the flavor is affected. It has all been harvested - either by us or the racoons! It was good while it lasted. I plan on starting earlier with more plantings next year, Lord willing. Here is a shot of a "Yellow Summer Crookneck" squash blossom. I only have one hill of plants left. Pick this fruit while small, or it will get almost too hard to cut with a sharp knife. The very, very small fruit with the blossoms still attached are considered a delicacy. I also plan on planting this earlier next year with more hills along with other squash varieties, Lord willing. I am may even consider Cantelope and Wartermelon, too. Onto things less green. . .
I'm a little wired - no, not weird, wired - the stuff they give prior to the chemo has been known to cause 'exitability' in some folks - woah, now that's what I lack for sure! Robin noticed my face has been red like a tan, even though I have not had too much sun exposure.
Seriously, I am going to contact my Dr. about having a port put in since the stuff I am on now appears to be messing up the vein we used. It is discolored and hard. This is my first time on these new drugs, so hopefully I can get one put in (a port) if it is possible. Had to take my pills later than usual due to the recent mix up. No problem.
Something interesting Jack Ortego told me last week, "whether you go the medical treatment route or say, 'God is going to heal me' (without medicine), both choices have to be made "by faith". Regardless of what we chose to do, in any situation, we are called to live by faith. Thanks Jack, that conversation has helped clear up alot.
I have started reading the 'Complete Works of Oswalde Chambers'. It is a thick book, but the way it is broken down into smaller pieces/collections of writtings, makes it appear to be easier to read. I am not putting a time frame on when I will finish, but starting is a good place to start. (Sounds like ole' Jogi Berra talking)
Looking forward to this Sunday. Remember to get there early. EARLY. Now, hopefully I myself can get there early for the CD recording. Be sure to remind others about showing up early. we are all prone to forget due to routine.
Go out and be a blessing on Thursday, August 24th, 2006.
More later .... GW.

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