Thursday, August 03, 2006

Home sweet home ...

Whew! I am glad that trip is over. Having Bill the "ice man" riding as a wingman sure was fun - it took some of the sting out of all of the medical stuff. We had alot of good fellowship and a few good Mexican meals together. As a matter of fact, I am eating some raisin bran cereal right now in order to clean up all that mexican food I ate.
The biopsy was performed around 12 noon and was relatively pain free- uncomfortable a few times, but no real pain. (Remember, I was consciously sedated - don't ever let a Dr. tell you that you can handle it without sedation!). The staff and Dr. were all very considerate and would get and A+ if I were a teacher. Ultrasound and CT scan were both utilized in locating the 'spot' and directing the needle. It was very interesting even though I was the guinea pig. I had to remain in observation for 4 hours following, which they reduced to 3 hours after a lung x-ray was done and showed an all clear. Bill was the designated driver for the remainder of the voyage due to me being sedated. We got back to B.R. around 11 pm.
It is so good to be home and to see my wife and kids - oh, and the new "cat" that is hanging around our house, too. You want to know what I named him? Cat, of course. If anyone wants a very affectionate taby colored cat with a white tipped tail, let me know. He looks to be young enough to be a kitten, but old enough to eat solid food - even though he likes to drink milk, too.
Kenny the dog would be jealous if I did not mention him, he is having trouble peeing in his kennel since he has been on medication for what appears to be breathing difficulties. He will get better, though.
We did alot of praying and reading while in Houston. The Lord is good. We leaned upon Him heavily. Thank you all who have been praying with us and sending words of encouragement. It is greatly appreciated.
I have to hit the hay, it's about midnight. More tomorrow. God be with you -- GW

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Mountain Man said...

Sure am glad this one wasn't torture! We really miss y'all. We should be home around the 22nd.