Saturday, August 05, 2006

Slept late ...

Can you believe it, I slept till 10 am. this morning. I guess I needed it. Bryan and I went grocery shopping and then ate lunch. I was still feeling very tired so I hit the couch and he watched some Gilligan's Island - his favorite. We were invited to eat at a friend's house and it was fun. Good food and fellowship. Got in too late however ...
School starts next week. The kids are pumped.
Could it be time: Could it be that God allows us to come to the brink of death, or what is percieved as the brink of death, so that we can lose the fear of death and then begin really living. For if one is living in fear of impending death, then that fear is robbing it's possessor of being able to live life. I am hoping because of my experience I can live life as God has intended for me to live it. Do I suppose to be completely fearless when it comes to the subject of my own mortality? No, but I am learning to live with the understanding that this life is a gift - every day that I wake up I must be thankful. Focus on the things that really matter most. Try not to waste time. Stay in touch with Jesus, since His words teach us how to live an acceptable life in the eyes of God. Be forgiving and understanding of those around me since I have recieved so much forgiveness and understanding from God and others. Live one day at a time, and live it well.
Tomorrow is already here (1:51 am) and I need to get in the bed. Speak with you later. GW

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kayla said...

Thanks George for putting yourself out there, for sharing your thoughts and allowing us to journey through this with you. We are being blessed, convicted, challenged and encouraged through these blogs. You guys are such a blessing.

Keith and I are standing with you and Robin, with hope and with expectation. Be blessed! KJ