Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Houston update...

I spoke with George earlier today(Wednesday). He and Bill are having a great time. He met with the PA (physian's asst.) and seemed to cover all of the bases about the biopsy. I want to make this very clear, we have not had a diagnosis of a spread of the cancer, we have a doctor's concern about what could possibly be cancer or an infection because last week George had a high white cell count and fever. This biopsy is being used to discern between the two. We are standing for a good report. Just wanted to clarify that because I have heard some people say or write that George's cancer has spread and we do not know that to be the fact. (Just wanted to clarify). At 11:15 (Thursday) George will be going through the biopsy. Thanks for your prayers during this time.

Last night in church Pastor Don brought the word of the Lord on Faith and standing on the promises of God inspite of circumstances like Abraham did with the promise of a son. NOTHING in the natural could lead him to believe that this promise was possible. He had to trust the promise although it seemed impossible. Well that is what faith is. If the situation is likely to happen then it doesn't take faith to stand. But faith proclaims, believes, speaks and acts no matter what the circumstances say.

Lord our trust is in you no matter what we see or hear. Our trust is in you and the promises that you have given us. Our confidence in you allows us to smile, hold our head up high, and square our shoulders in the face of opposition. You alone Jesus are a waymaker. You made a way to the Father, you made a way for peace, you made a way for healing, you made a way for provision. God you leave no stone unturned and we acknowledge your involvement in every part of our lives. The righteous will not be forsaken.

Be blessed saints of God. I will give you an update when I hear from George.


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