Monday, August 28, 2006

The low down ..

The low down on the port is that I have about a 1 week to 10 days window to have one put in. The Dr. convinced me that it would be okay to have treatment today saying the IV Benedryl along with Avastin is probably what caused the vein to thrombose. I handled this treatment much better (as far as veins go). Now we just have to schedule a time for the medi-port to be put in. Robin and I will get together on that issue today.

My parents made it in safe and we are all going to get together tonight for supper.

Please continue to be in prayer:

Ms. Ida Lee (Sonja Howell's friend) end stage cancer.
Dr. Hackler (one of the surgeon's I work for) undergoing treatment for cancer.
Jill Hymel (a co-worker of mine) undergoing treatment for cancer.
Barbara & Don Gerard (Robin's cousin Barbara had surgery 2005) small bowel transplant continued health.
Christi Worthington (a friend in California) finishing treatments for breats cancer.

We are praying for the 'joy of the Lord to be their strength' and for God to touch and heal their bodies as well. All we need is one touch from the Master's hand.


sonja said...

Will pray for the window to open if that is the route for you to go. Thanks George for posting a prayer for Ida Lee!!!!


FeatherIron said...

George, I found several stories concerning Child Labor among Coffee Growers. From what I read, Whole Foods has an even higher standard then the Free Trade Agreement (which pays directly to growers of coffee and cocoa and requires strick child labor rules) Starbucks paid lip service to it but has yet to sign on to Free Trade or any child labor restrictions.
I can't find anything about CC's.

Thanks for sending me on that search for info. Your the best George and I'm sure Whole Foods will appreciate me as a frequent customer :-)

I want E to do her science project on the Coffee process.

kayla said...

Look George! I figured it out all by my lonesome! Hopefully I 'll remember how to post a picture again, if I ever want to change it :^). Thanks for the comment on my blog. Comments always make my day! We're praying for ya'll over here.