Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Surgery date set ...

The mediport surgery is set for this Friday, September 1st, at 11 am. One of my CVT Dr.'s will be doing the installation. I'll arrive for outpatient admission at 9 am and should be heading home mid afternoon the same day. My parents will be driving me to and from the Lake. The timing has worked out almost as perfect as one could ask for - to God be the glory. This port will simplify treatments and any future CT scans with contrast that I may have. This is, however, a temporary access port that will be removed once it is no longer needed.

Today and yesterday have been a little on the 'tough side' as far as side effects, but in the midst of it all God is good and a comfort. I could have had the mediport put in today, but with the way I am feeling I figured we should get a few more days between the last treatment and the surgery. I am not complaining at all, just discussing. The side effects are similar to the previous treatment regimen, they just seem to hang around longer (abdominal cramping and burning). My taste is beginning to wane and it feels like there is a film covering all of the inside of my mouth. This means that the medicine/chemotherapy is working. "So, George, are you telling me feeling this way is good"? No, I do not enjoy it, but it is what you have to go through (medically) in order to achieve the desired results. I still trust that God is in control of this whole process. When I take my meds I take them by faith - even to the point of saying "in the Name of Jesus" when I wash the pills down. When I would arrive at work, put my hand on the door to open it, I would pause for a second and say the same thing. That was my mission for the day. That day. Today's mission is no different, it just has a new little 'twist' to it.

It is interesting to watch yourself begin (all over again) another wave of side effects. A study into the human mind. The mind has to adapt to this new 'problem'. That is how the human race has survived this long, in spite of ourselves. They say that the NASA Space Shuttle has literally billions of computer calculations/adjustments going on at lift off each second in order to keep the space craft flying straight and on course. I have noticed throughout the day I am doing the same thing - reminding myself to stay on course, make the necessary adjustments and keep flying. With Jesus as our example (Hebrews 12) we keep pressing ahead in faith.

Political commentary: (you don't have to read this). Katrina's anniversary was today. News coverage has been extensive as to revisiting the neighborhoods, questioning who is responsible for this or for that, Monday morning arm chair quarterbacking at its best for sure. Some were even playing the 'race card', with Spike Lee (black movie producer) making a movie which gives voice to numerous conspiracy theories. One of these is that the 'Government' blew up the levee(s) in order to drowned black people. Well, they missed, and hit a whole lot of whites, asians and hispanics -and everyone in between. If I may say so, this "ain't nothin' but the Devil". Why stir up resentment between people who are trying to recover - and doing a good job of helping each other regardless of race. Isn't it enough that most have lost everything, if not almost everything? Reporters, report the news - just that - and quit trying to find a 'boogie man' where there is none. There are too many stories of courage and too many heroes to be dealing in this muck raking. To be fair, there was a lot of great coverage of success stories after one year. The good did outway the bad, but why even bring it up? That's my opinion. I'd love to hear your's.

God is so merciful to us, we do not deserve it. But that is what makes Him God. That's what makes him Great.

"O that men would give
thanks to the Lord for His goodness,
and for His wonderful works
to the children of men!
For He satifies the longing soul,
and fills the hungry soul with goodness.
(Psalm 107: 8-9)


Stacie said...

George, I agree with you about Katrina anniversary. It is honorable to show tribute to the courageous but not to use to sell the news. There is a new State Farm commercial spotlighting several personal survival stories and how State Farm agents contributed in helping them. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I feel like they are riding the back of devastation to sell insurance. Maybe a few days away from the anniversary I will feel differently.

FeatherIron said...

I didn't know spike Lee's movie gave voice to the conspiracy theories. It's a documentary right? I will have to read about it but I'm not surprised.

I didn't watch any of the coverage, I have kinda withdrawn from TV News, just read Drudge usually.

I was gonna post on my blog today because really, the day after Katrina was when all hell broke lose.

tonja said...

I love the NASA analogy...good visual for us to stay on course. We really do have to constantly make adjustments...in our thoughts, attitudes, and emotions.

Rusell said...

Spike must be talking about the "big bang" theory happening last year in N.O.. All I have to say about him and his theories is that they are both "all wet" and hopefully the sane minded will make sure that they remain a "dud". It is a total lack of leadership in the city (i.e. mayor) and at the state level (i.e. governor) who are most to blame... now, that would be a good place for a flood to come and wash the incompetency away! My, my, did I say that?

FeatherIron said...

George I found a blog you might enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you tomarrow morning! The Lord is and Will continue to be your strength!