Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New drug on the way ...

Here is "Tippy" the new cat. (can you see the white 'tip' of his tale in the top left corner?) He is hard to get a picture of since he moves around so much. Last night I heard some loud howling - you know how cats sound when they are in a face off. This was about midnight, so I quietly went to the door and peeked out the window and here is a large adult black cat face to face with our other new little black kitten/cat. I waited a few seconds and then decided to bust up this bully session. I just happen to have had a small piece of broken brick near the door, so I quickly dispatched the adult cat (without hurting him). He even could have possibly been the father of the black cat. All I know is when blacky the kitten stepped away there was a wet spot where he had been siting! I can't blame him, if a guy 3 times my size got after me, I would have a good chance of wetting myself too.
I got a call today about a new drug my Dr. is prescribing. It is a pill form chemo but I do not know anything else about it yet. I am going to google it and see what I can find out.
Tonight is corporate prayer and fasting at Hosanna 6 pm.
This is another beautifully warm day.
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain... Rev. 5:12.
God Bless. George.


Stacie said...

George and Robin, I have a person I would like to add to your prayer list. Eddie Reeves, 53, diagnosed with brain cancer. He had surgery last Wed and they were able to remove about 40% of the tumor. There is no known cure for this cancer. He will begin radiation in a week or so to possibly shrink things. The Reeves are believing for the miracle of God's healing so please pray along with us.

Anonymous said...

I found this in my bible today when I was searching for something else....In FAITH I prayed and In FAITH I post this with fear and've received this before but I believe it was God's way of reminding you of HIS plan.

"I have delayed this healing for my purpose say's the Lord. You only need to be still and watch how my Power and Glory will go forth. In due season you will see. I will comfort you say's the Lord. I will comfort your pain. Be still, My hope is with you, my promises are with you.
Grieve for those who don't know me, for those who die not knowing me. Lament for the souls who don't know me and are dying daily. Cry out for salvation. Cry out for their delieverance.
Your healing will come under my terms, under my circumstance. Not under man's ways but mine say's the Lord. In time you will understand the purpose of your destiny, the person I knit in the secret place. My arm is not too short for you! Now arise! Be strong! and Wait on my Power to Heal!!! I am coming say's the Lord. I am coming to you. Take courage, be of good cheer child of mine.
Your Master
Your Maker
Your Heavenly Father

Praying for you today without ceasing!

Daughter of the Most High!

George said...

I will add his name to the list Stacie.
Daughter of the most high, thnaks for the Word. I recieve it.

Anonymous said...

hey george,

just wanted you to know, i had a long ride back home today from a place called Flatwood LA. On the ride i thought alot about you and was praying for you. It is amazing, but a lot of what i was thinking about is what you wrote about yesterday, which i am reading today. The thing that i thought about most is that you are such a real person. Looking at the reality of having cancer and believing God for a miracle at the same time is like when peter tried to walk on water. He kept his eyes on Jesus, but he knew that the reality of the water being under his feet was still present. What caused him to sink was fear. This is the key word. you accepting the reality of your illness doesn't show a sign of weakness, but rather a real person facing a real disease with a hope that the God he loves will touch him in a special way. george you are an amazing person and a true testimony to life. i could only wish that i would be able to see things through your eyes and learn to appreciate the beauty of the simple things(like a frog). anyway i want to let you know that i have done a self diagnosis and have determined that i am have George-itis. I pray for you in the morning, i think about you during the day and i pray for you at night. i only hope that in some small way this is of comfort to you.

your friend,


Anonymous said...

Emotions up,...emotions down,...however, God's word, His love and faithfulness.... UNWAIVERING. I have heard several times recently, "when you have done all you can do, STAND". I paticularily liked your wife's quote that the pastor had read tonight,..."we have squared our shoulder's". I surely appreciate that fighting spirit (in the Lord). We will square our shoulders with you, set our faces like flint, and continue to spiritually "scrap" right along side of you and your family! George, you and your family are loved and cherished.

Bill, Cathy and kids

Renee Betts said...

Hey George, remember me? We worked together at CVT. Just wanted to let you know that Aaron and I are lifting you up in prayer. Keep up your faith.

Saved by Grace,

Renee Betts