Thursday, August 17, 2006

Say what?

I now have the scoop on the Xeloda. (Sounds too much like "Yoda") It is in pill form. So far I do not think I will be having any IV chemo. (no more big needles - except the small ones for blood work). I'll be taking 3 - 500 mg tabs in the a.m. and 3 again in the evening within 30 minutes after a meal or with the meal. This is a total of 3,000 mgs of medicine. This is some incredible chemo in the way it works. It basically is absorded in the digestive system, gets to the tumor and then turns into another chemical (5FU) once in the tumor. How do it know? The nurse doing the chemo-education this morning said it has tougher side effects than the medication I was previously taking. I choose to believe the word of the Lord. If it comes, it comes. I'm not going to dread the whipping two weeks ahead?! Reading the medication inserts concerning side effects is advised, just don't tell yourself you are going to have all of them. That information is included so if you experience one or the other, you will have the knowledge that this is a normal side effect. (Believing is believing - whether you are believing correctly or not. Do not believe and confess something you do not want to happen. Confess and believe what God said you can have). A "cycle" is defined as 2 weeks straight of daily a.m. and p.m. chemo pills followed by a one week 'break'. The break is at least one week, maybe two, depending on how much the medication has affected the immune system, etc. She added that by the 3rd cycle most people hit a 'wall'. I guess it is similar to marathon runners at the 18 mile 'wall'. I have decided - I should say we have decided, to take this devil head on and hit it with everything at our disposal. We are on the offense physically and spiritually. We have the ball and our coach (Jesus) is calling the plays.
This was a long and busy day. I cleaned the kitchen, cut some grass prior to the meeting and then came home and cut some more, then fooled with the pool to try and keep it from turning green again. The weather turned out nice in the late afternoon, overcast and breezy. Then cleaned the kitchen again. There seems to be a recurrent theme here? Or is it just me?
I have my parents, my mother's two sisters and my dad's mom all coming in tomorrow for a visit. We have fun when we get together - you never know what is going to happen
Thanks to everyone who prayed for us at church last night. That is doing what Jesus said to do.
I would like to add two people to this site's prayer list: Lynn Lossett is John Bernhard's sister - she is battling Leukemia - I believe - and is having serious liver complications. And a friend of ours, Stacie, asked for prayer for Eddie Reeves. Eddie has a brain tumor - 40% was removed by surgery and the remaining tumor is going to be treated with radiation.
Lord God, by Christ's stripes we are healed according to your Word. Send your Word to these people and they will be made whole. Nothing is impossible with You, Lord. In Jesus Name.
This is going to be a great weekend! Be blessed and be a blessing. George.


Anonymous said...


Believing with you bro! I'm about ready for another road trip to Houston so we can attack some of those delicious Football size barrito's!!! YEE HAAH!

Standing by if you need anything hermano.



Stacie said...

Thanks George for passing along the prayer request. I know from Clint's experience how much having all the saints praying and attacking the gates means in a long battle. More prayers equals more angels, more angels equals more power, etc. The enemy has been defeated!!!!!

Russell said...

How Great is our God? Sing with me, How Great is our God!!! George, ALL will see, How GREAT, How OUR GOD!
Love ya'