Friday, September 22, 2006

Is the lid on tight ?

We are living in a world today that could quite possibly be at the craziest point it has ever been in our known civilized history. We have captured the power of the sun (nuclear energy), we have the most efficient food growing/production and distribution systems ever known to man and our medical advancements have extended and enhanced human life to a degree that others only 100, no even 50 years ago could dream about. All of these things would make an alien think that we humans were living in a 'utopian' type world. But there is a catch – the alien would have to take into account man's fallen nature. There in lies the proverbial ‘rock and a hard spot’. We have been given so much and yet we constantly seem to miss the mark. I only need to look at my own life as a microcosm of the larger world in which I live to prove the point. Think of the missed opportunities, whether intentional or out of ignorance – ignorance is also a large part of the human dilemma. Think of selfishness - ? the “What’s in it for me mentality”. The lust for more, which is never satisfied as we all know and I could go on and on. My point is that without the direction and unction of God Almighty this will never stop – at least until He returns. I have to daily depend on Him, not just on occasion, but routinely. Sure, more often than not, I go to the store without ‘seeking God’ to see if it is His will for me to go. I am referring to small questions as well as the larger more broad things life presents us with. Such as business decisions that affect not only us, but others lives as well. The education of our children, what part will I play in the advancement of the Gospel through my Church body? Where am I supposed to live? What to do with free time with my family? And so many other questions. Now multiply the above by approximately 6 billion people – the vast majority of whom are at a level of need that I have never suffered personally. Then add in diverse political, cultural, religious and ethnic differences and wow, has God got His hands full or what?
That is what makes God, God. Yet I firmly trust that He is a loving God that constantly reaches towards us with a purity of love and intention that we can only partially understand. The Word says that we now only know in part, but that one day we will understand. I, like you, wish I could make everyone healthy, wealthy and wise. Free of suffering and pain and the confusion that plaques humanity. God can use us in ways to help, but only as a vessel of His glory and His will. I continue to search and to pray as to what He wants me to do now. I do have limitations, as we all do, but Lord, what about right now? Can I be used by You, right now? And also long term, where is this whole thing going - one year, 5 years or 10 years from now? Only He knows, but the Word does say that He directs our paths. I am going to continue to seek, knock and ask.
Today was a mild to moderate roller coaster ride, more towards the mild side – weakness and shakes, indigestion, the likes. I did, however, get a prescription for Nystatin oral rinse. It appears to be helping my throat already. I got home and found that the lid was not screwed down tight and some had leaked out into the bag. A word to the wise, open and confirm the meds you purchased and also check the lid to see if it is tight as soon as you can. Be an aware patient and do not be afraid to call the Doctor with any problems. “Unnecessary suffering is suffering unnecessarily”, a great historical thinker once said. I wonder how long he was sick before he figured that one out.
I have pulled on your ear (eyes, actually) long enough. We can be a part of the solution – the Jesus solution – each and every day by following His commandment, “This is my commandment, that you love one another that your joy may be full”. The world needs Jesus – not more problems. You are 'children of light in a dark world'. May your joy be so full that you spill out all over those around you as you go about your Friday responsibilites. Thank you for praying for us. Please also pray for those in need with various physical/mental health challenges as the Lord brings them to your mind through out the day. God bless. George


Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for the inspiration. You are using your time so well. It reminds me to do the same. I guess you are kinda in a "Mary" season of your life, with a few "Martha" days sprinkled in when you take that special energy enhancing med.

We, your loyal readers are the beneficiaries of this "Mary" season. I can click on my computer, and benefit from the wisdom you have gleaned from God that particular morning, day, etc. I know it can't replace my own quiet time, but it is a nice jump-start, or addition to it. Thank you. That's what happens when you spend the time & effort to share.

We who love you, and who have chosen to share in your suffering, are blessed in return by sharing in the truths you are learning in this season. God is good to include us. I guess this is just another way faith is spread !!
Thank you George. Enjoy the day God has laid before you and I will do the same thanks to your encouragement.

Rusell said...

Ditto, to what my wife shared with you today, George.