Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cool morning ...

This was a very pleasant morning indeed. The Autumnal equinox is this Saturday (i think) when the Sun will rise directly East and set directly West - an even 12 hours of light and dark. So if you want to drop some lines like the cultures of thousands of years ago, get some sticks and hammer one into the ground at first light, step back across the yard in the evening and line up another stick with the setting sun and hammer it in - and there you have it - your very own "Stonehenge". Or, you could just use a hand held GPS, that might be easier.

I have nothing profound today in the area of crazy stories, but I did sit out on the deck with my parents early this morning and enjoyed the unusual coolness. That was memorable. That is the kind of stuff you like to hold onto and remember. Nothing like being around the ones you love.

My throat is at it again, I spoke with a pharmacist about it and he recommended a mix of Benedryl and peroxide gargle. He said it can be related to a lowered immunity which then allows a yeast type growth in the back of the throat - kind of like 'thrush' I guess. can also feel it up into the eustachian tubes leading to my ears. So I am staying diligently on top of this so as not to encourage any progression. Please pray for this to stop if you will, thanks.

Today was much more sluggish, on and off activity wise. Took a long nap after lunch which seems to help temporarily, but you still feel like something is 'on you' like a ball and chain holding your body back. I did have a delicious lunch and supper with my family, however, that I could for the most part taste. That is another one of those thankful moments I am learning to grasp and appreciate.

This will all pass soon and I will be back at life with new vim and vigor in the Name of Jesus, serving in whatever capacity He sees fit to place me. I look forward to the day, but only if He is with me since without Christ, there is no future hope.

I'll speak you tomorrow. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Can you set up an RSS feed for your blog? I use to manage my blogs. If you have an RSS feed it will alert me to your new blogs - and I can see them at the same time as I check my other new feeds (like news feeds, etc.)

-David Rainey

FeatherIron said...

Keep on Keepin' on! This cool morning was for you.