Tuesday, September 19, 2006

let me continue ...

(I apologize for the length of this post, but I condensed it as much as I could with amount of brainpower I have at this time.)
Well, the rest of Monday gets better!(If you can believe it). [But first, I am going to give God the glory for great things He has done - put first things first]. I finally had to take a Benedryl to help me get to sleep around 2:30 am. Woke up at 6:45 am to get the kids lunches ready and kiss the three of them out the door. I then spent 30 minutes washing and cutting and juicing and drinking the juice while cleaning the kitchen. My throat was a little on the dry/sore feeling side, so I opted for C.O.W. (Creme of Wheat). I just finished a round of antibiotics Monday - shoot! I was at the bottom of the box, so I made the whole thing - which worked out to be 4 servings. No biggy, I like it and it's warm going down.
I watched some news while eating the first bowl, go to my parents trailer (which they stay in while visiting/helping us) which is right next to my driveway and eat the second bowl. Go back in the house to get another refill and as I was using a 'whisk' to empty the COW into the bowl from the hot pot. I made the big mistake of resting the whisk on the side of the bowl which was now full of COW. You got it, the whisk flipped out of the bowl carrying with it a glob of COW which landed on my left pants leg and the floor. I assessed the situation, grabbed some paper towels and started on the pants and then worked on the floor cleanup - then I realized it was also on the bottom of both of my boots. Unknowingly I had spread it over about 4 square feet now. Took the boots off, cleaned the floor, only to now have it all over both socks. Grabbed the bucket of Mr. Clean (which I had yet to empty from yesterdays mop job) and mopped the area. Good, now that was over. Re-shoed myself and went back to my parents to finish breakfast and tell them what took so long. We had a good laugh.
Now, for the rest of the story...
We decided to go to WalMart for a few things. I had to make a deposit, put my new 'proof of insurance card' in my car, mail a letter and of course the grocery list. I did remember to gather all of the recycle stuff and put it in my dad's truck bed (we live 700 feet from the steet) for curb pick up tomorrow - but then realized I had forgotten the list, mail, checks, etc. inside the house. We back up, I get it, get back in the truck, head to the street. My mother in law is at the mailbox, so I get out and unload the recycle while she chats with my parents. My mom reminded me about the mail - good - I am needing a manager at about this time. We go to do the deposit at the Credit Union, I get out of the truck and reach into my infamous always with me fanny pack(man purse) and guess what falls out? My digital camera - a good 4 ft off the ground (concrete) and now the lense cover will not open - but that can be fixed. Praise God, I'm not losing the victory. We are backing out of the parking lot and here comes the teller running out of the door - with my drivers license! I left it on the counter. Where is my manager?
We make it to WalMart - and believe it or not I got everything on the list - even cat food. One thing left to do, get home, put the proof of insurance card in the glove box of my Corolla and unload some groceries. I had the card in my hand, set it in my lap while I was buckling up. The weather was so nice we were riding with the windows down. I look down for the card and do not see it. Maybe it fell here or there, we even stopped to look for it - we were still in the parking lot - that's how fast this thing disappeared. I must be losing my mind! So we decided to go home and unload. Maybe it blew into one of the bags in the back seat. Get home, unload, no card. I prayed for God to help me find it if at all possible.
So, we decided to drive back and see if we could find it. I grabbed a few more recycle items, put them in a bag to put with the other stuff already at the street. We get in the truck, stop at the street, I get out to put the bag in the box and I can hear something flicking at my ankle against my pants while I was walking. I looked down and guess what was stuck in my shoe in the little gap below the ankle bone and the arch? My insurance card was not just sitting there, it stuck in there as if on purpose. I pulled my leg up to show my parents and we had a big laugh on this one. The card was there the whole time. I wanted to lose it at one point, but I have learned so many times in the recent past that "the anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God". Wanting to lose it and doing so are two different things. I gave God the glory - finding this to be a type of test of sorts just to show me that He is in control - of the Universe and even my little piece of it. How does He do it? I cannot answer that, but He does. What's neat too is that while waiting in line, I was able to talk to a lady about the chemo drug she is going to be starting this Thursday - it's one I am taking - Xeloda. She has Colon cancer. This conversation came about since I was buying a lot of food bars - "I can actually taste them". I told the check lady, "since the chemo knocks your taste buds out of whack". She told me she would be praying for George.
The day was still just as beautiful and complete. I am worn down today, maybe from yesterday or just because of this part of the cycle does this - the roller coaster they call it. I did nap for about 3 hours which helped, the family came home at 7:30 pm again - another game which they won (all 3). Oh, I did get to almost completely finish the bedroom clean up from yesterday.
This story of mine reminds me of Jack Ortego's car ordeal he recently shared with us in the Hosanna newsletter. You've got to read it if you have not yet. To quote him, we have to become practitioners of joy. What a way to look at it. Practice leads to perfection - or at least really close.
Be blessed my friends and thankyou for all of the prayers spoken on our behalf. We love ya'll.


Russell said...

Dear RoboDad (aka Mr. Clean):
Your saga of yesterday reminded me too much of some of my "forgetful" moments in my busy weeks... a good laugh, thanks. While reading your post I almost felt like I was watching it happen... your ability to communicate is excellent, dear brother. I love you and pray God's face to continue to shine upon you and yours.
In Christ,

tonja said...

wow...your day sounds like a typical stay-at-home mom's day...well, maybe a little different - you clean WAY more than me :-)

sonja said...

Been there, done that many days! Especially when it comes to my car keys!
Hopefully today will be a little less frazzled for you, it's a beauty!