Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday ...Rainbow

Today was really good. There was some mix up as to when my treatment was to start. Then my port was accessed only to find out that it was not necessary to do so until this Friday. I then had to have it flushed, un-accessed and re-bandaged. It was an inconvenience at most. I felt a little lost, but remembered that this has rarely happened to me and that I have decided to live a life of peace in the midst of a world full of chaos. So I am cool.
I found that today I was battling anger on and off - not that I was mad, just that there was a temptation to want to get mad - about anything. The weather, the family or the dog. I think it was medicine induced or something like that. Whatever the reason, God's Word is the only way to deal with anger or any other of life's numerous challenges. Trust me. The only life worth living is a life of Faith - Faith in Christ and what he accomplished on the Cross.
I got a call from a friend today, Ricky, who has had goats (for milk and meat) for the past 5 years. He and his wife do the whole organic thing with the garden, chickens and all. What's funny is that I was reading some more in the 'Goat Handbook' when he called. It was great to hear from him and we are going to try and get together and play catch up.
Today was full of 9/11 coverage. I agree, we must not forget - and our children who were too young to know need to be told what happened. We need to continue to pray for the U.S. to remain, "one Nation, under God"...
May God shed His grace on thee. In Jesus name.



Russell said...

Hey Georgie,
Thanks for your faithfulness in writing about your thoughts, your faith, your days and your struggles with all of us. The time is well spent and a blessing as we walk along side of you on this special journey and season in your earthly life. You are loved and respected for running the good race, for fighting the good fight, for being George, our brother and our friend. Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Hi George, This is Linda, Carole's mom. I just wanted to tell you what a blessing your blog has been to me in my struggle with my faith. I feel God working in my life when I read your blog. Keep up the good work. God Bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are cool - way cool! So keep your chin up and when you can't, let God be the lifter of your head. As a fellow suffer of depression from time to time, I will keep you in my prayers untll you tell me this has passed. I know it will. Just hope the wife, kids, and dog are still around then. It was good to see you Sunday. Thanks for the hug,.

Love, Margie

AH said...

Hey George,
I concur with Margie and will be praying you through the anger feelings. Thank you for continuing to share with us your day-to-day joys and trials and being totally honest! I am so glad you can recognize a change in attitude and are able to analyze the reason(s) why it maybe happening. As you deal with it.. make sure little Kenny is out of kicking range. :)

Thanks for being you!
Love, Andrea