Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tough week ...

This has been one week I would like to not remember. I thought about titling this heading as the week from hell, but that does not bring any glory to God. Forgive me for typing slow, but that is the only speed I have - unless I am heading for the restroom. After my treatment at the clinic Monday, I was okay, but then the big "D" started on and off through Tuesday. By Wed. and Thurs. it was 12 times a day easily into the early am. I was in touch with my Dr. and we stopped the chemo pills Wed. which helped a little, but the ball had already started rolling and it has not stopped yet. Immodium AD was started along with some of the pink stuff we all loved to hate as a kid. The fatigue was unlike any I have experienced during any segment of my past treatments. My lips, entire mouth and tongue are so sore it is a chore to swallow even saliva. I do use a baking soda/salt gargle which helps. I sneezed yesterday and found my tonsils were in my lap (just kidding) but it sure felt like they left the premises. I'm 42 years old - I really think about some of our older friends who are having to go through something like this, my God it pushes you to the edge mentally, physically and spiritually. Friday brought some relief, Saturday is a little better. I touched 'terra ferma' today for the first time since Tues. The weather is really nice.
I share these things for several reasons: If it were me wanting to know how you were doing, I would want a non-sugar coated version. I am of course leaving out many details that are not necessary, but you know what to pray about. Secondly, this serves as a record for me and Robin, sort of a documentation of events. And lastly, it makes me think that I have to get back to doing something productive.
My mom and dad have been super! They have been a great help to us - especially me. I got to see my big brother and his wife for a little while yesterday. But after they left it was back to the bed, this thing comes in waves. Thanks to my aunts and other family and friends who are keeping us in prayer. I need to get horizontal for a while.
As always, hiding in the Shadow of the Almighty - the only safe place to be.


Russell said...

Dear Friend,
So sorry to hear of your challenging week. May God have mercy on you and put this yuck behind you this very day. May His grace abound in and upon you and your household. May His lovingkindness comfort you and cause you to find rest in His arms of love. May His face shine upon you and may a cool breeze of His spirit bring strength and refreshing to you (body, mind, spirit and soul).
Love ya'

sonja said...

George, ditto to what Russell said. If there is ANYTHING Wil and I can do Please let us know!!! I mean that....clean house?, cook? etc....
Hang in there.
Praying for you without ceasing!!!


FeatherIron said...

Geroge, we are praying for you as always. Rest, get your strength back.

Anonymous said...

hey george,

just catching up on what's going on with you. sorry to hear about all the side affects taking place. you know i have seen this before. i know it gets frustrating and one just wants to scream at times. guess what God knows this too and so go ahead and do it. He really doesn't mind. you know that i don't like to preach things, but just try to keep in mind. "this is only temporary". once you go thru treatment and the cancer is gone and life gets back to normal, you will then be able to say "all is well, with my soul". stay in peace and know that there is a constant stream of prayers going up to heaven for you. also i would like to offer the same as sonja, if there is anything we can do for you and your family, day or night, let us know and i say this sincerely.

love ya,


Will said...

Haven't seen or heard from you in a few days. I'm still praying for you. Be encouraged and keep on trusting God as we trust God with you.

Will said...


I was overwhelmed today with this thought and want to share it with you. God is SO big! He saw my hole life (and yours) from before time began. All the circumstances we face He has allowed. But unlike us who come to realize our changing circumstances on a daily basis... God knew everything before we were born. Before we were born He had a plan for our lives. He knew and knows exactly what you need in this hard time and He's had a plan forever! May all that God had purposed for you TODAY come to pass. May we look each day for His provision for this time that is no surprise to Him. I'm praying for you and believing that God has everything you and I need to make it through EACH day... including today!

God is love and as the scripture says, "Love never fails."