Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crossed over ....

I believe I have crossed over the worst of this cycle. Hopefully wiser and more humble. I went outside and sat in the shade early this am after the family went to Church. It felt cool to me, low humidity is probably why. It is so nice to get some fresh air in this neck of the woods. They act like the major heat of the year is gone except for maybe one more last time.
I am nursing a bowl of 'Creme of Wheat' (COW) instead of my new dish 'egg drop grits' (EDG). (The letters are for my military friends, it makes them feel at home). The COW is much finer, especially after I pulverize it even more in the mini-food processor. Even after that, I wish the COW meal were even smaller. The littlest bit of graininess gets inbetween the gums/cheeks and under the tongue. You would think that it wouldn't be a problem, but it hurts. The EDG is much worse when it comes to grittiness, so I opt for the COW now. Today the pain is present but not as intense. I still cannot open my mouth more than a spoonful (you know the family's got to love that!). I have a prescription for a product 'Miracle Mouth' - its like the stuff the Dentist gives you - I'm serious. You had better keep track of where your tongue is - 'cause you might be chewing it and not even know it. It is once every 3 hours and I alternate inbetween with Chloraseptic. I was almost a Lortab level, but chose to try this stuff first. ..................
Sorry for the pause, I had to go and re-heat the rest of the COW.

So, where was I ?
The LSU Tigers won last night against ULL. It was expected. 45 to 3.
The family was killing me last night - they were eating hamburgers (!), chips and dip, drinking cokes and yelling. I could watch, but that was about the level of my participation. I came prepared with ear plugs, Lortab (in case the Tigers were to lose) and my own bag of grits which I tried to eat, but opted for a smoothie of milk, home made icecreme. some ice and a peach - all blended really smooth. It was still difficult to swallow, but tasted good with no grit. Cold goes down easier, as does really warm. Look out, cause after my bowels get staight and my heals up, there is going to be a burger killin' somewhere in this town!

I am going to lay down for a while and get some HT - that's 'horizontal time'.
'Grace for today, bright hope tomorrow, blessings all mine and ten thousand besides'. (from an old hymn)
Thank you for praying. GW.


Anonymous said...


Your a Fine American (FA), and a Great Blessing (GB) of the highest caliber! Even during the turbulance of this trial you have displayed great compassion in tailoring your comments towards us less than transitional Ex-military dinosaurs (Pastor, Russ and Keith especially included) Ha. We missed you today at church bro however, realize the circumstances. Psalms 24 was read in church and I couldn't help but think of you. Say the word and I'll head to Houston apprehend a couple of barrito's and we'll puree them and see how they go down!!! YEEEEHAAAAH!
Seriously, you and yours continue to be in our prayers. Call if you need anything,....well, anything but eating COW or EDG with you! Ha. Blessings, Bill, Cathy and kids

FeatherIron said...

Just felt I needed to tell you this George.

There have been times when only bad, destructive, depressing or defeatest thoughts have gripped me. It's like there is this huge demond with it's tenticles going deeper and deeper into my mind, my heart and my body. At times like these all I can muster, is the tiniest little "help". I can literally say no more and I can barley say that mainly because at the time, I don't want to say "help" I've been overwhelmed by the thoughts, they have won.But wow, what that little "help" does. It's like the much bigger Jesus we serve, pulls that demon off me, the fog lifts and I go on another day. He hears even when we don't want to ask, does that make sense? I just keep thinking of you being so sick, so tired and so responsible to not give into all of it. but when your on drugs, on the tolit, in severe pain, sometimes it's hard to be spiritual and not just pray for death or just be so overwhelmed with the pain. But like I said, even the smalest of "help" said even from a reluctant heart, reaches Him and he hears. He will help.

Anonymous said...

Hi George and Robin,
I just caught up with reading your blog and it made me sad and challenged.
George,I'm sad that you're having to go through all of this!! I'm sad that your mouth is bothering you the way it is, that your stomach is giving you problems, that you had a problem with your vein, fatigue, etc. etc.
My sister had lung cancer and had one lung removed. I remember what she went through. The port worked out for the best for her to receive her medicine etc. I pray that it does for you as well.
I'm challenged to not complain!!! Didn't Don preach on that a couple of weeks ago? I'm reminded again. Your faith inspires all of us and it encourages us to press on no matter what we're facing. We Thank you and your family for your courage and love for each other and especially for your love for Jesus! It's shinning really bright!!!
Know we LOVE you and will continue to stand with you until you are healed in Jesus Name!
All our love and prayers,
Maw-Maw Eileen
P.S. Steph is 32 today! :>) We took her and Lee Roy and Don's Dad to Ruffino's. (they give you too much to eat..good golly! but it was good.)We missed you.
Happy Labor Day!! I guess we are to veg out tomorrow. I can handle that but I think the grandkids are coming over so not sure how much of that I'll be doing. xoxoxo

Ron said...

Happy Labor Day, George.
Sorry about the discomfort. The best part about watching LSU football is the food. I hope you will be able to enjoy some soon!