Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Down right cold!

This morning was down right cold! Not cool and crisp, but cold. The kind of cold that makes you want to stay in the bed if you failed to put the heater at the correct setting the night before. Luckily, I woke up at 2 am to go to the boys room and set the temp. higher - around 72-74 degrees - and that was good enough. We do not have heaters in any of the bathrooms - how that was overlooked I'll never know. We have "vents" without heating elements. Sounds like a future project.
I headed out around 8:45 am for treatment - which went well, fatigue and facial flushing, but uneventful. I got out of there around 5:45 pm., just in time to make it to Lauren's volleyball game. They beat Bethany (at the North campus) 3 games straight. The first two games were quick and with a wide point spread - but of course the 3rd game was a neck and neck run the entire game. The final game went into overtime and was 30 to 28 - you have to win by 2 points. Lauren made the final point to win the 3rd game. She was some excited - and me too, that means we get to go home and not paly two more games!
The Dr. who put in my port is concerned about a "hole" which is getting larger at the end of the suture line where they put in the port. No fever, drainage or redness, but he wants me to keep a sharp eye on it. If it even looks "slightly" infected it has to come out and another one put in on the other side in the near future. So pray for healing in that site - even though the meds I am on prevent the normal healing rate which would have naturally occurred. I have a CT lined up for next week. The PET scan is going to be in November. I may go to M.D. Anderson in December for a follow up appointment. I am ready to get this scan back to see what is going on and some positive changes.
I have a new word which I could not find in the dictionary. "Interesterified". I'll give you a hint, it was found on the ingredients label of a food box. You can google it.
Did I tell you all that Lauren was voted by her class to be on the Homecoming Court? She was. Couldn't happen to a better, sweeter and more Jesus loving girl. Her and her mom have been dress/clothes shopping, hair and nail place visits - you ladies know all the prep stuff. I am all for it. This is her special season.
Also, did I tell you - are you sitting down? My mother said it was now okay to blog this information since she has notified all of the immediate family. A few weeks ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Yeah, "say what" was my reaction, too. Even as I am writing this down, I still cannot believe it, not my mom!? She is 68 years young and healthy. She would get out and play basketball with the kids, walk the dog all over the property among all of the other things she and my dad do. This was completely out of left field. The biopsy was performed, the Dr. classified it as a T1C - Tumor 1 centimeter. Small enough to do a lumpoectomy. This is an outpatient procedure. Then he said she would have to do radiation and chemo in a pill form. The surgery is scheduled for this coming Monday, October 30th. Please be praying for Patsy and Mike (dad) concerning all of this. My mother is a believer and pretty much at peace about it all. This is a pretty good situation considering how bad the news could have been. She caught it early and is getting rapid treatment. We are still believing for a miracle from God. The reason I put the words breast cancer in very small letters up above is because we are not making a "god" of this disease. With God Almighty, all things are possible.
We had my diagnosis, surgey and chemo, my dad's back surgery and eye surgery, my brother ripped his left bicep muscle of the connection to the bone a few weeks ago and is scheduled for surgery in november I believe, now mom's diagnosis. She mentioned how healthy we have all been for so long. This must be our year she said.
More news, you'll have to guess until I get a picture. It is one reason I did not post anything over the last two days. It was so cold this A.M. that the lense was fogging up. So, tomorrow I'll get a picture. You know we have two cats in addition to the dog. So figure this one out. You have, "crowing like a rooster", bats in the belfry", "3 blind mice", "snug as a bug in a rug", "stubborn as a donkey", "fuzzy as a bunny", "stinky as a billy goat", "grinning like a mule eating briars through a barbed wire fence", "fat as a cow" and "strong as a horse" and so on and so on. It's your guess as to our new addition(s). You can place your guess under comments if you would like.
Good news from CVT Vascular lab - we have a new addition - Jill and Billy LaLonde have a new baby boy born this afternoon - I do not have the details, but I will post as soon as I get some. Congrats you two.
As I posted on an earlier post, you never know what a day is going to bring. That is why it is so important to start with 'first things first', spending time alone with the LORD. Getting the vertical relationship in line before you start taking on the horizontal relationships in your life. Not to mention the "out of left field' stuff that comes at you. As the Word says, "seek the Lord, while He may be found". So let's do it. Let us seek the Lord and see what He has for us. If God be for you, who can be against you?
Have a blessed Wednesday and be a blessing. GW


Anonymous said...


i guess it is something with long ears and a fuzzy tale. if so with the cold weather by 2 weeks they will be good for the eating. can't take them out when it is warm because of worms. only thing is they don't have that good old wild taste either, but none the less they are good eating. please don't tell me you won't be able to eat them because they are pets. i have a heart, but i have a stomach also. well if i don't see you before i am sure i will see you friday at the homecoming game. congrats to lauren on scoring the point and on making the court. she really does deserve it. i was noticing the other day that she is truely becoming a beautiful young woman. be proud. take care.


FeatherIron said...

Dang George! Tell Patsy that we love her an are praying for her. She's a jewel!

I am thrilled about Lauren, she is the best!

Ya'll are gonna have such a great testimony!

Anonymous said...


Tell Lauren congrat for us. I know that is a big thing for girls. It is a special memory for school. I haven't told many people but my mom has the "c" as well. She has a tumor above her stomach and the doctor's told her that it is c. I am not saying the word because I am believing that when she sees the specialist Tuesday and the test results come back that it is nothing. She went to the doctor's in her home town and they have been treating her for a bleeding ulcer so figure. I am trusting the Lord. She is so at peace with this it is amazing and trusting the Lord in her life. Have a great day. Oh by the way my brother give me a few packs of meat if you are interested in tasting the beef let me know and I will bring you a pack. Gayle

Anonymous said...

I know what the new additions are but I'm not telling. Will wait for the pictures. I will say, however, that there are 6 of them or is it 5, George. I have not yet bonded with the new family additions but I am sure our time is coming.


Anonymous said...


Great news about Lauren. WAY TO GO LAUREN!!! Our lives are made up of highlights "snapshots" if you will, of the great and unfortunately, not so great moments. This will obviously be one of many of her great/wonderful moments.
George, we will surley be praying for your mom Patsy. I'm certain that caught all of you flat footed however, able to regroup under Gods grace and strength.
I sure am lovin this weather. Was out on the property burning some tree limbs and leaves last night. Sure did smell good. Keep us posted about your situation.

Blessings on you and your family hermano!


Anonymous said...


It's great to read your musings on-line. I just wish I could/would do it more regularly. We tend to get so caught up in doing that we seem to forget the "being." God has called us to "be" not to "do", yet our humanity seems to get in the way all too often.

Please say hello to your mother for me and tell her that we'll be in prayer for her as well. I will always remember her sweet Christian spirit and how she always made us feel welcome in your home during college.

Maybe y'all will be able to make it to the XA Christmas get-together this year. I'll try to nail down a date soon.

Love you bro,
Steve T.