Sunday, October 01, 2006

early Sunday ...

Up early today, slept till about 4 am and now I cannot seem to get sleppy again, so I am posting an early Sunday post while it is so very quiet at our house. If it sounds like I am typing lightly to you, I am.
This has been a busy week for the family. We were all in the house at the same time last night - all night - first time in many days! The youngest had fun with Pastor Terry and the other boys at the "Team Impact" event Saturday in Amite. He even bought a video about the guys and testimonies, etc. My oldest was voted to be on the Homecoming Court! (Congrats) and they beat Bethany's volleyball team 3 games straight. Robin had a good Saturday and a much needed break to watch some football, do nothing and just chill out. LSU won. WE VOTED - did you? We all sat down and decided ahead of time who and what to vote for and it made it so much easier (and faster).
The weather has been beautiful! I have been taking advantage of it and sitting on the deck in the afternoon or early morning to get fresh air. Usually by 9 am (this week) I had already had a bad case of the "big D" several times, so I would be out of commission for a while. Later on in the day I would make myself do something, even if it was walk the dog to the mailbox and back.
Food: I have been trying to eat, but the mouth is still messed up, but getting better incrimentally. There are no sores, but it's like there is saw dust in anything I eat with an 'off' flavor. I even made homemade from scratch mashed potatoes and they were nasty (to me). The family loved it though. I have been making egg drop soup. Bring one can of chicken broth to a boil, drop in 2 raw beaten eggs and wait about 30 seconds at the most - just till they are cooked and no longer. Pour into a sturdy bowl so they will start to cool. The key is to cook them just enough - not overcook. The eggs are cooked and still slick or smooth - add chicken boullion crystals if needed for enhancing the flavor to 'over the top' which is what I had to do to even taste it. You get your protein (6 grams per egg) and fluids - watch it if have a salt/sodium restriction however - your looking at about 2 grams of sodium - not milligrams - grams. Talk about feet swelling! Another one is cooking a bag of angel hair pasta, dip out and butter and salt to taste. This also goes down smoothly. You can eat on this for several days. I just dip out into a small frying pan what I want, saute' it in butter and salt to taste - refried noodles I guess you could say. I am staying away from the milk for now until the digestion gets back to "normal". I did try vanilla and chocolate ice cream, which was okay, but I lean more towards wanting the salty vs. the sweet.
Remember Wil's dad in prayer- Mr. Wilson - he is going through similar side effects with food and feeling bad. We are standing with him as well as our other friends who are fighting the good fight against cancer.
This has been a difficult week, but Psalm 103 has been my meditation - it reminds me to bless the Lord and to not forget all of His benefits. The forgiveness of sins and the healing of all your diseases. "Lord, we do not want to forget where we came from or what we have been saved from / out of". And besides, like Job said, though He slay me, yet will I praise Him! But I believe God is in the life giving business, not the slaying business. Jesus came that we might have life, and life more abundantly.
I am going to go. God bless and I hope to see you in Church if I can - if not Hosanna - go to some Church somewhere today. It will do you good.


FeatherIron said...

I just told Dean "if George hasn't posted today I'm gonna have to call him-I'm getting worried cuz' he wasn't feeling well" Then there you were in all your Posting glory!

I always wondered how they made Egg drop soup, thanks for the recipe.

Very glad you are feeling better.

Tell Lauren Congrats!

Anonymous said...


Good to see you bloggin again. We are continuing in prayers with you folks! God loves perserverence and we are ALL over comers through Christ who strengthens us (especially you bro)!!! I couldn't help but think of you when reading Psalms 6:1-10 yesterday. The end of the passage is "The Lord heard has heard my weeping. The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer". The Lord, the Great I AM, creator of heaven and earth,...hears our cries out to Him! (Humbling). An overcomer through His strenght, through His hand of mercy, grace and unconditional love. Thank you Lord! Missed seeing you in church today. Our prayers will continue, we will perservere and overcome!!!!
Love ya bro,

Bill and family

sonja said...

George, thank you for sharing the prayer room yesturday morning! I hope I didn't interupt any time you had with "Abba daddy", however I have to say that when I walked in I genuinly "felt" His presence and great reverence,(deep respect) for it.
He is mightily IN you George, know that even your very presence IS the presence of the King...It's awesome to see you seeking Him in such a way!
God has GOOD thoughts and plans towards George. He intends for George to have PEACE and not evil and to give George HOPE in his final outcome. Jeremiah 29:11
Still praying for you brother!