Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Monday . . .

Monday was a busy day – not what I was expecting. I was late for my Dr.’s appointment by about 30 minutes. I had blood work and then the Dr. and I discussed the past cycle and side effects, etc. I was slightly anemic and borderline on the white blood cell count. So for the time being we are going to wait a few days and see how the symptoms I have been experiencing pan out. I did, however, receive AVASTIN via the port. It is not a chemo drug, but a monoclonal antibody designed to prevent blood vessel development to any tumors present. It does have side effects, but usually not as bad as the chemo. I did go by my work (CVT) in between the appointment and the infusion to eat lunch. The group all brought food for a big get together for me, Jill and Dr. Hackler. Dr. Hackler told me they cannot find any more tumors in his abdominal cavity and that there are only a few other small ones detected in other areas. Jill could not make it since she was receiving treatment. The food was great – I was able to taste some stuff, but it was aggravating to have all of this food and not be able to get the full flavor. I finally left the hospital after 6 pm – I started at 9 am – that makes for a long day.
Slept good last night. This is going to another busy month for our family. A lot of school stuff is lined up – including the weekends.
Church was great. I am glad I was able to go, but I missed worship since I had to spend some time in the privy. That is why I sat in the balcony because I had been experiencing the “big D” every morning over the previous week. There is a bathroom right outside the balcony door, which is a convenient set up for me. Also, with the immunity numbers on the borderline, I need to be limiting exposure. Sunday night was just over the top. It must have been something I ate. Praise God it passed.
Both Robin and my youngest and my mother in law were complaining of ear/throat problems. Robin went to the Dr. and he gave her a shot of cortisone. He did not put her on antibiotics.
God’s WORD says,
and let us not lose heart in doing good,
for in due time we shall reap
if we do not grow weary.
So then, while we have the opportunity;
Let us do good to all men,
And especially to those who
are of the household of faith
Today is another day to do good in Jesus name.
Have a great week. GW


Will said...

Keep on truckin' mighty man of God! You're an encouragement to me and I'm sure many others. I've got a scripture that I'm sure has been at work in my life the last week giving me joy, peace, and hope:

Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

I know you're trusting God, and that's the only condition I see to receiving the rest. It's yours for the asking. It's a great word from a great God (our "God of hope")!

Even when you don't see me post, be assured I've read your blog, and I'm standing with you.


Anonymous said...

hey george,

Wanted to share a story I heard today on Spanish radio. It starts out with there is a fire in an apartment building. The father of a young boy is downstairs and makes it out of the building; however, the young boy is in the apartment on the 2nd floor. The apartment fills with smoke. The young boy calls his father on the cell phone. He says, "Dad, the apartment is filled with smoke and I cannot see to get out". The father looks up and sees the son in front of the window of the apartment. He tells the son, "Son you are standing right in front of the window. Just walk forward and jump out. I am here and I will catch you.". The son replies, "Father, I cannot see you". The father reassures the son by saying, "Son, I know that you cannot see me, but I am here, you can hear my voice, I can see you, you will have to trust me and just jump, I will catch you". The son the goes to the window, still not able to see anything, but trusting in his father's words, leaps out of the apartment and lands safely in his father's arms. George, trust in God, He hears you and even though things may get smokey at times, the window is right in front of you, just trust in Him and leap. God Bless.

Love ya,