Saturday, October 28, 2006

Homecoming ...

Here is the half-time Homecoming presentation of all of the Homecoming Court Ladies Saturday night. I'm only putting mine up of course. All of them were beautiful and did well.
We had alot of fun, too.
Unfortunately, the Varsity team lost the game, but maybe next year.

Afterwards, we went out to eat with my brother and sister-in-law to my wife's favorite place - Golden Corral. They drove in just to see Lauren. Nana and PawPaw made it to the game and paw-paw filmed alot of the event - so did na-na with her new camera. Their float also won 1st place. Thanks to Randy and paw-paw for all of the help with the float - that's a long drive from Central going that slow - even though they did it around midnight to avoid traffic. The Friday morning the weather was not good at all, but when it came to show time, it cleared up as if the Lord had it all planned out.

I consider it a privilege to have been blessed with the family I have and to be able to experience all of these passages of time with them. Everyday is a gift to be celebrated, even though we all know some days are tougher than others and some you even wish would never have happened - and some you just flat screw up right at the outset with an un-Christ like attitude. That is called living. That is where love, understanding and forgivness come in. Jesus gave us the example to follow.

We have the Homecoming Dinner tonight - I guess you would call it Dinner. I know we are supposed to , right? And we will be "chaperoning", too. I am looking forward to it.

I have been a little on the weaker side the past two days, even though I finished the pills Friday. The medicine for the thrush has something to do with it I believe. The scriptures say that my "youth shall be renewed like the Eagles" - and I am standing on that one. Time to get horizontal for a few minutes before the action starts. Hope to see you in Church tomorrow.


P.S. Doug Broussard - e-mail me your phone number and e-mail address please. Thanks GW.

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FeatherIron said...

Lauren looks beautiful!

I can only eat really soft or mushy food with these spacers in my teeth cuz' every toothe is sore, BAD, so I am sympathizing with your mouth thrush situation. I know it's not near as bad as your situation but it is no fun that's for sure.