Thursday, October 12, 2006

Prayer partner ...

Now that is a dog gone good prayer partner! I bet he is faithful to his little buddy. I have learned a lot about forgiveness from our dog. He can mess up time and again, get scolded for it and just move right on looking me is the face as if he is saying “let’s go play”. He has a great recovery time. Pastor Don has shared that idea many times – “What is your recovery time?” How long does it take you to get beyond an offense from someone else? Jesus did say, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us …”
It is many times easier said than done. But when we do not forgive we not only harm the other person, we harm ourselves. This reminds me of an animal show about poachers in Africa. They would lay a thick wire snare to trap Elephants. The wire would tighten around one of the feet of the animal and cut off the circulation. Sometimes the animal would break free but the wire would still be attached and the foot would die, hobbling the creature making it easier to find and kill. Unforgiveness can do the same thing to us spiritually. And the crazy thing is this – we do this to ourselves. We control it. Do you want to be free? Forgive and you shall be forgiven. We reap what we sow. Plant corn, you get corn. Some years you get a bumper crop, and some years may be leaner, but do not be deceived, the scriptures say, what you sow (plant), that shall you also reap (harvest)”. That is a very easy formula to remember.

This morning is what I would call cold. Windbreaker weather over a long sleeve shirt for sure. It’s about time! It is refreshing. Maybe now the mosquitoes will begin to be less of a problem. I think this Saturday, the morning temperature will be down to 47 degrees F.

If any of you would like to grow some of your own okra this coming spring, I have a lot of seed ready to give out. You do not need to have a lot of room, along a fence with plenty of sun (at least 6 hours) would be fine. This is one plant I have not had to spray for bugs, but towards the end of the season, some damage was noted to some of the leaves (bugs don't eat the okra pods, but the leaves), but production was not hampered. Drop me a note or call and I'll try to get it to you. Just promise me you will plant it.

I tried to post this today from 7 am to 9 am without success, so I am going to contact the people at BlogSpot to see what the problem is. This is very frustrating. We have the Bellsouth Ultra DSL which is very fast, only to have BlogSpot get locked up. It may be that in the early A.M. it is so busy with everyone logging on at the same time. Not only did I get a good message about forgiveness this morning, I also was allowed an opportunity to practice patience. If you have to wait, do something productive while you wait. I am still reading through Dodie Osteens book "Healed of cancer", so I just read away while waiting.

I am going to go now. God Bless. GW


sonja said...

awesome blogging George. A word we ALL need to take heed to. I watched a documentary Movie on the Life of Mother Teresa....she was the fine example of a woman who walked in total forgiveness...when asked if she ever got angry, she said yes, but then chooses to forgive because that is what we are to do. It is a choice! Once we decide to forgive then we ask the Lord to help us walk it out! What freedom....I myself have had to forgive much and be forgiven much! Thanks for the awesome truth!


Ron said...

Love that picture!! Awesome!