Friday, October 13, 2006

Two pumpkins in the patch!

My favorite couple!
This is mom and dad in the pumpkin patch at the Perkins road Southside Produce market. We love to go through and check out all of the different and unusual produce. Their prices are much cheaper than most according to my parents. My dad has all of the prices figured out. These two have been such a great help coming up and staying with us during treatment times. They are a huge blessing and I am so thankful for them.
We passed by on the way to pick-up some of my prescriptions from Target on Seigen Ln. I use that Target since Kirk Nealy is a pharmacist there. He and his family call Hosanna home, too. I try to support those who I know are in business for themselves or work at places which offer services which I can use.
This is Friday, another day the LORD has made, and I intend to rejoice and be glad in it. The word tells us that "He (God) gives us the ability to enjoy life" - it is in the Psalms I believe, just cannot remember where. So, I have been praying that over my situation - in spite of side effects - and also others I know who are dealing with quality of life issues. God can improve your circumstances, we just need to continue to believe - and then once things change we need to remember Who it was that helped us and Honor Him accordingly. Honor God with "the fruit of your lips" (your speech) and also your heart (your motives).
Be sure to plan some fun time this weekend with your loved ones - play a board game, eat a good meal together, watch a decent movie with a good message/theme. And remember to be in church on Sunday.
Have a great Friday! God Bless. GW

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tonja said...

Do you ever go to the Farmers' Market downtown on saturday mornings? Local growers there. And the prices are good for the most part. You and Robin would love's a very laid back environment, very friendly people. Lots of people walking around...and most Saturdays there's a band playing. I enjoy it! here's the info:

hey, maybe you should start selling your produce there...I think it's only $20 to rent a booth.