Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cute couple ....

Another Homecoming picture of moma and me. We had a good time, as I said before, seeing all of the kids dressed up and having some clean fun. The food was delicious - Montalbano Catering served the food. That is Randy's family's new business - I stand to be corrected but I think I am correct. The Boudin balls were kickin'.
It was really cold this morning. My hands were hurting just from walking the dog and feeding the rabbits. It was that wet cold that cuts through you - and the north wind didn't help. Tonight is supposed to be in the lower 50's (F*).
The bunnies can handle the cold, they just can't handle the draft/wind. So I cover them if it gets below 50 degrees. That's what the Official National bunny book says. They also get more food to compensate for their increased caloric needs due to keeping warm. Hopefully the cold will kill off this recent onslaught of mosquitos. They have been attacking us as soon as we walk out the door the past few days.
I went by the Dr. today and let one of the surgeons check out the ex-port site (AKA the "hole"). It is doing okay he said, I just have to keep it clean and frequent dressing changes. It is letting me know it is there, very tender and I am very cautious - protective - about getting hit or bumped in that area. I have not had to take any heavy pain meds though, thank God.
Spoke with my mom tonight and she said my brother's surgery is finished and he was in recovery. I wish I was there to mess with his head while he is sedated - that would be a kick.
I need to go and take care of some things. I have more to say - so I'll be back.

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Anonymous said...

Haha that would be so funny if you could mess with him! I talked to him before the surgery and he seemed a little loopy! I just haven't talked to him since he got said he was sleeping. well i hope you are doing great! i love you!