Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pasta, it's whats for breakfast...

Pasta is for breakfast - for now that is, my first breakfast. You know how you get on a "kick" and something is working for you - you go with it until it doesn't work. Right now I am back on the pasta. A little extra virgin olive oil, real butter and salt. It is so smooth and good and just slides right down. Oh, yeah, it has to be fairly hot, too.
Yesterday was a pretty tough day, especially the morning. I don't know what made it so other than maybe because of the port removal and the anesthesia. The nurse did say it could mess me up for a while. Monday was so foggy Robin had to remind of the days events. I know repacking the port site twice a day is something I am not looking forward to. It doesn't hurt, just uncomfortable, but it is wide and deep - kind of freaks me out - more than I think I care to handle. I must have pulled out 2 feet of gauze the first time following the port removal. I'm thinking to myself, "where is all of this coming from?" But God always tells me that I can do it - through Him - even when I think I cannot. He promised in the Word to be with me, and you, as we go through these things. That is good enough for me. Then I "caught" a serious headache yesterday evening (think it could have been a anesthesia hang over?). Two Ibuprofen and a little food took care of it around midnight. Thank God for medication when you need it. Those things - headaches, can hang around for several days if not treated with something. That has been my experience in the past.
Speaking of foggy, it was foggy this morning. Makes for a beautiful sunrise over the pond, too.
The weather is gradually slipping into the cooler time of year - something I relish as I know many of you do too.
I have another book idea that hit me yesterday. I have been 'mulling' it over in my head, writing down some of the ideas/points and themes. Just like any idea, until you act on it it is only an idea. A thought, vapor or memory - until you put it down on paper and take action.
This is Volleyball week. The Hosanna girls team beat Runnels Monday night and now they are ranked #1 in their grouping - sorry I don't know what they call that. They are really good, put it that way. So just about every waking non-school moment, until the final game, will be consumed by Volleyball. Basketball is starting, too. Thanks to all of the coaches who work over time to get the teams in shape and ready for their respective sports (aka Coach Lana and Coach Pat).
Spoke with mom and dad yesterday, she is resting comfortably. She does have a drain tube for about 1 week and then that will be removed. I believe she said the Dr. told her 3 weeks recovery is average. Her sister Eva is taking care of the cooking, etc. during this time. My brother went for his pre-op evaluation yesterday to get ready for his left arm surgery this coming Thursday (tomorrow). Please keep them in prayer. Thanks.
Now, I have put it off long enough, time to change the dressing again. Twice a day. Come on dude, you can do it! I know you can!
Have a great day and be a blessing - you are the light of the world.
G e o r g e


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, my Mom was showing me in her prayer journal the scriptures she prays daily over Billy...and also the scriptures she prays over you everyday. I just wanted to encourage you that when we are weak He is always strong...and that there are folks everywhere that love you and are holding you up in prayer everyday.
So relax today...we've got your back!

Don&Marie said...

HI George,
We read your blog nearly everyday.
You're in our prayers.We think the world of Mike and Patsy.We pray for them also.We will keep in touch with them.Tell Robin we think of her.