Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Goin' to New Orleans . . .

"Jack Frost"

I decided to go to New Orleans to visit with mom and dad today. Thursday is Thanksgiving but I wanted to go up earlier and spend some time with my two Aunts and Grandmother (Granny). They are in for the Holiday. We had plenty of laughs together. Dad has finally gotten his “scooter” running – all the way into the next door neighbors wall! It is called a ‘gyro’ (Honda) and has two wheels on the back and one front wheel. The back pivots/leans left and right which makes it difficult to maneuver. He finally got the hang of it. I did NOT ride it – I have enough to deal with right now, so being a test pilot is not on my list of things to do. By the way, he paid $2 for it at a garage sale and put over $100 to get it running properly.
I also was able to talk to my mom about her CT with contrast which is tomorrow. I gave her some advice concerning the IV and about the contrast drink. She is going to doing well.
This morning ‘jack frost’ paid us a big visit. It was around 30 degrees and it is also supposed to get just as low Wednesday morning.
The Hosanna girls team lost to Cabrini today. They held their own but still lost by 20 points. All the other teams Cabrini played were at least 33 points behind. So we didn’t do too bad. One more game tomorrow (Wed.).
“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all of your ways and He will make your paths straight”.
Please keep praying for the Lord to direct me and mom as far as treatment options. Thanks.
I saw an interesting saying on a Church marquee,
"This year, instead of "giving" thanks, let's start "living" thanks.
Have a great Thanksgiving week.

P.S. Spoke with my mother this morning (Wed.) and the CT went fine.


Anonymous said...

Great seeing you last week. I have been praying for you and encouraged by your faith and the fight in you. I pray the Lord Bless your Thanksgiving with Robin and the kids and that your healing be brought forth as a testimony to our Lord and Savior. I will be calling soon to get the gang together. Doug

Anonymous said...

Hey George,

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope that yall have a really good time being together and that yall eat as much as we will. Also wanted to let you know that tomorrow your name will be mentioned in our prayer of thanksgiving and that you are always in our prayers and in our hearts. We are very thankful to have you as a friend.
Also wanted to put a little in-put on a scripture that I have seen on your blog. "They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strenghth". I am from the "old school" as you know and we use to sing this scripture in a song at the church I went to some 20 years ago. Anyway what I wanted to tell you about the scripture is that the word "wait", actually translated is "serve". It means wait as a waiter does in a restaurant. So wait no longer my brother for as you wait(serve) upon the Lord your strenghth is being renewed and you shall rise up with wings as eagles, you shall run and not grow weary and you shall walk and not faint. George I know that you have been going through a lot with your battle against cancer and I am sure that the decisions you are having to make now are very difficult, but you know I remember something my brother told me when he was going his battle and was trying all the different experimental drugs. "If this is what it takes to keep me going, then so be it, who knows the cure may become a reality tomorrow". Be at peace my friend.