Friday, November 24, 2006

Word from Robin...

Hey everybody. I haven't written in a while. I wanted to share with you all how the Lord has ministered to me lately. I hope that as you are going through your own life trials you'll remember these words of encouragement. One day recently, I was talking with someone about all of the things that have been going on with George's family. His dad has had two surgeries and now just experienced a heart attack, George had cancer surgery and is going through cancer recovery, George's brother had to have surgery for an injury to his arm, and George's mom had breast cancer surgery and is now also going through treatment. I made the comment to my friend that "When it rains it pours" as soon as I said that I felt as if the Lord spoke to my heart, "So, are you ready to play in the rain." As that thought came I began smiling realizing that life is full of mountains and valleys and Jesus is the ONLY consistency in this life. That brings great comfort to me because actually if we really mean what we sing at church and the things we say He is the one our heart longs for. He is the one that we long to see. He is the one that we trust. In my minds eye, I could see the Lord holding my hand running and splashing in the rain. If we will allow HIM to HE can help us bring all things into perspective. Our perspective must be an eternal one. It's hard to get that perspective sometimes since we live in a world bound by time. However, when we view things from the perspective of eternity we see things much different. We don't try to hold on so hard to what we think is permanent which is actually temporary and we reach for the things that seem to be hard to grasp but yet are the only things permanent. God is forever teaching and forever wanting our attention. He has been an EVER present help in time of trouble. Be assured our God will never leave us or forsake us. Stand strong child of God.


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tonja said...

Good word, Robin. Thanks for sharing that. I'm looking forward to playing in the rain...I need that eternal perspective.