Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sling and a stone . . .

Here’s another bunny pic. This one is 16 days old - from the first litter. They are coming along fine. I didn’t get a picture of it, but there was a Great Blue Heron (Thanks Andrea) strolling around the pond looking for breakfast. He is a huge, beautiful bird who visits us frequently.

Paul S. came by today for a visit and we ate at the Casa Maria on Flannery at Choctaw. The food was good and I am soooo glad I did not eat all of it – I only took care of half of it and that was plenty. I have learned through much trial and error to eat less. We also went by the sweet potato man’s house and bought a box of sweet potatoes for my mom and dad. (Hey Dan Quale, is that how you spell it?). He has chickens and goats and is a very interesting fellow. If you are in the market for sweet potatoes, pass by Joor Rd at Geurney. He has a sign out for $12 per box.

Friday is the Dr. meeting. I am looking forward to getting this one over with. My shoulder, elbows, kidney and abdominal pain are all about the same (sounds like a shopping list at the local butcher shop), so maybe he will have some answers. It’s difficult to do much without hurting and belly aching, so I am just hanging in there and trusting God and popping a big boy pill as needed.

Bryan’s basketball team won tonight. Tomorrow night is Lauren’s game. They are both doing so well academically and in sports. I am so proud of them. They make me and Robin look good.

You've got to read this story every once and a while to remind us how big our God really is. . .

1 Samuel 17:47
47 All those gathered here will know that it
is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves;
for the battle is the LORD's,
and he will give all of you into our hands."

This comment was made by King David (before he became King) to Goliath the giant in the Valley of Ellah. David proceeded to strike down the giant with a sling and stone. Can you imagine a teenage kid taking on someone taller than any NBA player known – he was over 9 feet tall – with just a sling and stone? Goliath also had a coat of armor weighing 125 lbs. and his spear shaft was like a weaver's rod with a 15 lb. iron point on the tip of it. He had a helmet of bronze, leg guards and a bronze javelin on his back. Not to mention someone else was carrying Goliath’s shield. David faced this big problem with an even bigger faith in an even bigger God. Whatever challenges we face, from the daily grind to office politics or major afflictions, we must face them with the same faith David had. David realized early on that the battle was and is the Lord’s. So whenever the devil rears his ugly head and defies you and your God, just remember that little teenager in the Valley of Ellah with only a sling and stone – and a heart full of faith in God’s abilities, not his own...

Have a great Friday and enjoy your friends and family this weekend.


AH said...

Hey George - great posting! It ministered greatly to me. Hard to believe the bunnies are already 16-days old. It's amazing to see how quickly they grow in such a short time. I bet there's a sermon somewhere in that statement.

Being a Herrin, I must correct you on the Blue Herring you mentioned. :) The heron is the bird and the herring is the fish. I've learned these facts so well since blessedly acquiring the name, Herrin, as the spelling is often mistaken for either the bird or the fish. The blue heron is a beautiful bird so try and get a pic of it, I'd love to see it on the blog. Paul and I used to joke and say if we were ever invited to a costume party, we would just wear blue... we'd be the Blue Herrins!! HAHAHAHA

Expecting positive news on your Dr.'s appt.

Love to the Waites',
The Herrin's

Anonymous said...


Your post today really ministered to me. I was just getting a little weary, dealing with a reoccuring issue this morning. It was SO timely, you will never know! :) Thanks! My kids and I are loving keeping up with the bunnies. We all have favorites, that we look for in the pictures. Keep the updates coming.

You, and your famly are in our prayers, George. I, too, am expecting positive news from this Dr.'s appt!

Shawn Wilk.

FeatherIron said...

George, You have to read "The Barbarian Way" by Erwin McManus. It is now my second most favorite book of all times (after "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis). I thought of you when I read it. It really has changed me. I love change. It's very small, only 150 short pages. If you do get it and read it, tell me what you think.

Let us know how the scan went. I think it's just scar tissue and everything getting readjusted, that's my professional opinion :-)