Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catching up . . .

I am behind again on posting. Sorry. I am trying to think where to begin. Well, as I say to others, I say to myself, “Begin at the beginning” and “First things first”.

SundayChurch was really good. When you go expecting to receive, you usually do. When you go willing to be used of God, then He just might. This day was like so many others, great worship and a great message – I was not feeling the best, but I had followed the advice of some friends about the pain control issue and it helped me out. Taking meds before it gets on top of you is something I already was aware of, but I needed a reminder. I just hate taking pills. So, you weigh your options and then make a decision. I am so thankful that I have options. Pastor shared the second half of his message on John 10:10. John 10:10 "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly". Abundantly, he shared, is defined as, “over and above what is necessary, something further and much more”. It was so good to see and speak to so many of our friends. We stayed a little later than usual – man, we are blessed with some wonderful brothers and sisters at that fellowship.
Bob made some type of crawfish gumbo/jumbo - whatever it was, it was good. They also had corn casserole and corn off the cob – both made from corn that had been cooked along with the crawfish. Wow, it was good. I ate that and felt great for a while. I crashed on the couch for a few hours and woke up feeling rough. We went home and I just dealt with it the best I could.

Monday – My brother and his wife came in from N.O. to go see the LSU Rural Life Museum. Wow, I knew that it was back there, I just did not know how much there was to see and experience. I highly recommend it for all ages. It is at I-10 and Essen Lane.-across the street from Tire Kingdom at the red light. When we pulled in, I saw my sister in law Eva, but not my brother. She pointed to a truck – he was helping an older gentleman change a flat tire. Good deed for the day, he must have been raised right? I think so. I walked over towards he and the man as if I was trying to see if I could recognize him (Mike) and said, “Mike, is that you? When did you get released from Angola?” (Angola is a prison near Baton Rouge) Well, he and the man got a good laugh off of that one, but my wife didn’t think that was too funny. Well, I think it was funny – anywho….. The cost for the walking tour is about $7 for adults and $5 for kids. You could easily spend half the day there. No food is sold on sight. I was really feeling sick before and during the tour. – struggling to say the least. I woke up feeling semi-okay, it just kept getting worse as the day progressed. I thought maybe if I ate something it would help. We ate at the Goodwood Grill – another recommended spot – it is located on Goodwood Blvd at Tara. Do not tell anybody, but I ate a hamburger – the whole thing – the best hamburger I have eaten in a long time. These are large burgers like the homemade kind and not too expensive. Man, at this point I was really struggling. So we parted ways and headed home. I eventually got drugged up enough and applied enough hot pads where it hurt to make it to midnight. Thank God for a caring wife and kids who understand.

TuesdayWe were planning on going to N.O. to see my mom, dad and Aunt Eva. Woke up feeling pretty good. I took my Poly MVA real early around 5:30 am and went back to bed. Woke for real and ate a banana and an apple around 7:30 ‘ish. We headed out at 8:45 am. On the way the stomach/abdominal pain/burning kicked in. But I took a Tab on the way which helped for a few hours and then I took another one. Well, can I tell you I was feeling no pain? I don’t like the weird feeling it gives you, but I’ll take that over the pain any day of the proverbial week. My brother and his wife and youngest son came by while we were there. We also visited with the neighbors a bit. They have 7 – Seven – yeah, that’s right, 7 kids from 12 years to about maybe 1 year or less? Great couple, too. My kids love to play with those little ones.
My mom and dad were feeling and looking good. I like to see them ‘not sick’. Amen. We ate Turkey Smelts – sliced deli turkey on some type of large bun heated under the burner with Swiss cheese and Sour (Kraut?) – hold the Kraut please, for me anyway. We watched some home made DVD’s to catch them up on Lauren’s party, etc, since they have not been to Baton Rouge several months. I had to lie down for a while to recharge a bit. I ate some red beans and rice and took a new med called ‘Toradol” which is like a super Ibuprofen. It was highly advised to take it with a meal for sure. We then headed home around 5:30 pm hoping to avoid the Mardi Gras crowed. Judging from the interstate traffic, we decided to take Airline Hwy all the way home. We got home safely thank God. Tomorrow is a school day.

I have learned and re-learned a few things – and adapted a few things I already knew. Life is not any easier, but we have to keep pressing on, trusting that God is in control - all the while leading and guiding us along the path He has chosen for us. I do believe I have to do as much as I can – to do my, that is – and He will do above and beyond all that I could have asked for or imagined.
A quick quote from the preacher who lead Jill's funeral service. He said one of Jill's kids saw her giving some money to someone (she would probably never see again) and when asked why, Jill replied that she liked to do things for people who can't pay her back. I thought that was neat lesson for her children to witness.
Like I always say, God bless you and go out and be a blessing. Yours may be the only light they see all day long.

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