Sunday, February 18, 2007


Where did I leave off last time? Oh yeah,
I think one key to how these aforementioned people could make it through such trying times is by focusing on others - on the needs of others – and not so much their own present circumstances. Now that is hard to do even when you are healthy with no major personal challenges. As we all know, to be ‘unselfish’ is not natural to the human animal. Also, focusing on a mission or a vision larger than oneself is helpful. I believe that is why so many cancer survivors pour themselves in the work of fund raising, visiting others who are dealing with cancer and just getting involved in work with the goal of stopping this thing that once tried to stop them.
Now, I feel better today (thanks to Mr. ‘Tab’) than I did the day of my previous blog post. The heating pad is good, but sometimes it ain't enough.

Basketball - this morning and around noon. I did not make Dr. J’s game, but I did make Bryan’s - the Hosanna Boy’s lost in double overtime. Then tonight we had a surprise (almost a surprise) birthday party (40th) for Stacie, one of Robin’s long time friends. It was a lot of fun and really good to see everybody. I ate some of the biggest green grapes I have ever seen tonight! Man, they were huge and tasty. You know how sometimes an apple, orange or peach is really big and you are gearing up in your mind about how good this thing is going to taste, only to find out that the little scrawny, semi deformed one next to it tasted 10 times better? No, this was not the case. These were big, delicious and healthy for you.

Speaking of health . . . .
I started taking the product called ‘Poly MVA’ Thursday. It is considered a ‘non-chemo’ chemo in that it is designed (in theory) to destroy the cancer cell and leave the healthy cell alone – which means you do not experience the horrible side effects of the regular chemo. The Poly is legally a ‘supplement’ and not drug and not intended to heal or cure anything, blah, blah, blah … FDA, go to jail, etc . . . anyway. This stuff is a dark, pretty thick liquid and tastes nasty – kind of like a B vitamin smells - but hey, if it works, who cares? I take it 3 or 4 times per day and it ain’t cheap. It is not new to the world of health professionals, but is now more widely known due to word of mouth, marketing and the internet. It has an interesting background. Just Google it and read up on it if you are interested. Or you could just call me. It is not just for cancer patients.

The baby bunnies are getting bigger and eating like crazy. I tried to ‘sex them’ – now wait a minute, don’t be thinkin’ nothin’ crazy now. That means you turn them over to determine boy or girl so you will know which cage to put them in when it is time to separate them/ wean them from their moma. It is not as easy as it sounds. They may be kind of small still, but they sure got some fight in them. And you know what I also discovered? That when you turn a scared little bunny onto his or her back that they will pop out a few presents for you while you are looking at their privates. Yep, good ole little dried up roundies right in your hand. Man, if I had been in Vegas I would have been a millionaire. With some of them I hit the jackpot – it was like a broken gumball machine – pop, pop, pop - I'm sitting here thinking to myself ‘where's all of this coming from?’ I am glad there was no power behind them little ‘turdlets’, it would have been like a paintball fight or something. And here I stand with no ammo . . . . Anyway, I digress.
Enough bunny humor. One more thing, my nephew suggested that I start a Restaurante and name it 'Raisin' Rabbits' get it? Raisin' Canes?

In closing (now doesn't that sound like a Baptist preacher), I did not read any comments from the previous post until after I finished writing this post. Thanks so much for the encouraging words friends. Ya'll help make the difference. God is good.
Hope everyone will be in Church tomorrow. George.

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