Monday, March 19, 2007

Good news . . .

I stayed up till 2:30 am doing the last post and e-mail. (come to find out my lap top time did not jump forward 1 hour) I was fairly wired and yet still very tired. I took a tab at 2 am. Woke up feeling nothing but good. So good that I got up, took my morning meds, told everyone good day and went straight back to bed for another 2 hours of decent sleep.
I had an appt. with the doctor around 11 am. I was on my way when my pain started talking to me, then I realized that my meds were not in my ‘man purse’ (a.k.a. fanny pack). I started to get nervous. Real nervous. I couldn’t turn around now or I would really be late, but then I also knew it would be a few hours before I would be back home and then add to that the time for it to kick in.
Well, I got there and did the blood work and waited. Good news from the doctor and yet hard news, too.My liver enzyme levels dropped significantly following the liver cath procedure last weekend. They are not yet perfectly normal, but that is coming. As we were ‘strategizing’, he mentioned that he wants to do this same procedure at the end of this month. Whoa! I said to myself when he dropped that one on me. Can’t I have enough time to forget the first one? But in order not to lose the ground we have gained from the first hit, we have to hit it again within four weeks, better at three weeks. Following that one, we hope to do a PET/CT scan to assess our progress. We said good bye.
On the way home, driving down Essen Ln. towards the I-12, I got a sudden jolt of spiritual energy and just started praying away out loud for several miles. Just as quickly I started the ole’ crying thing again. Why? I guess the reality of having to go to battle again hit me. “Man, Lord I do not want to go through that again, is there not anything else, like a healing right now?” I guess it was a type of ‘Gethsemane’ experience for me. I dried up after a few miles and then got home, took my tab and then headed for the grocery store to do my thing. God is good.

Here is a little thing that came to me while I was in the room waiting for the Dr. to come. I use that time for prayer instead of worry.

"You are my light, my Sunlight, my blue sky, my stars at night, my Moon glow, my gentle breeze through the trees, the flavor in my food, my restful sleep and warm blanket on a cold night, my comfort in pain, the answer to life’s hard questions, the love in me for others You are; You are my Source and my Supply, you are my hope and my future. My Protector and Victor, You are. My Encourager and Head cheerleader, my Savior and my God. My friend and King, my everything."
Have a great Tuesday. Be a blessing.


Anonymous said...

All I can say this morning is a big thank you for your blog. For sharing your vision. I want you to know that as I went back and read all three parts in order - something began to happed to me as I was reading. I had been battling something very heavy for awhile - but as I read what God had revealed to you - I felt a lifting, I mean a physical lifting.
And I felt peaceful_ no more than peaceful - I felt joyful. All the tightness in my body was gone, and the pain that goes with the tightness was gone. praise God!
Russ could see it on my face as soon as I got home. So i guess this is to encorage you to continue sharing and being open to God. I'll share more with you when I see you.
Love to you and yours,
Big Sis,

Anonymous said...

Ok George, now I feel like I'm riding the roller coaster ride with you guys!
I get it. Lord, what is up?
Sorry, guess I too do not wish for you to have to endure that again!
No matter what we are your family George.....we will pray you through, the Lord will continue to strengthen you!

The poem/proclamation you wrote was beautiful....and as for the tears.....The Lord holds them all!

We'll just have to keep pressing in brother, what else is there but GREATER FAITH and GREATER TRUST in what we do not see RIGHT?

Praying ever so closely!