Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Signs of Spring . . . .

Here are a few signs of Spring. Welcome signs I might add.

Honey Bees were too busy to stop and pose for the pictures. The Turnips were those I planted 'way back when' in the Fall for the deer. They eat the tops. My Father-in-law was kind enough to cut my grass and asked if I wanted to see if there were any more Turnips left in the back. Well, low and behold, I filled a plastic grocery bag till it was splitting - that was with the bulbs only, I had cut the green tops off. Afterwards, he cut over that area and said it was like hitting baseballs in the grass - I obviously had missed some in the tall clover and grass.

I drove to New Orleans today - very carefully I might add and with some concern. This was my first big 'outing' since my procedure, so I took it easy. But boy, was it worth the trip. I got to see my dad Mike and my mom Patsy, Aunt Eva, my brother, his wife and youngest son. We got to eat lunch together and catch up since I have not seen them for quite some time.

I drove up to the house and parked my car on the curb. That is how everyone does it in their area. I looked towards the front porch, and there was a little blonde headed kid about 5 or 6 years old in shorts and a T-shirt - barefooted of course - sitting on the short brick wall that runs along the front of the porch. He was tooling around with some stick or something, digging the mortar from between the bricks which made up the wall. "Now you know", I am thinking to myself, "that kid should know better than that, if Patsy catches him he is in trouble". Then, he jumps down off of the wall and walks a few feet over to their rock garden. Remember back in the 1970's, when a rock garden full of various cactus plants was all the rage? He sat right down in the middle of the thing and started sifting through the rocks, looking for fossils of those ancient little sea creatures, which had left their mark in or on the rocks so many millenia ago. Only God knows how old they really are. He sat there for a long time, never seeming to tire of the search - boy was it fun to find them.

Well, the rock garden is now gone, as are the cacti. It is now a place to park a second vehicle. The brick wall and the porch are still there, even after so many attempts to dig out the mortar. The porch just doesn't look as big as it used to and neither does the yard. As for getting in trouble with Patsy, he never did get in too much trouble with her, but he did get fussed at a little. Eventually it sunk in and he did learn that if you dig out the mortar, the bricks start falling apart.

Boy, where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday that I was doing those things at my childhood home. A litle blonde headed kid, out in the front yard in the sunshine, playing all day and never wanting that day to end. Then, here I go again, tearing up and getting that uncomfortable 'lump in the throat'. I continued to sit in my car for a few more minutes with the door open, staring at that front porch - thankful, oh so very thankful that I was home. Memories - moma and daddy were just inside, my brother was somewhere running around playing with his friends, and everything was okay.
I eventually got myself composed and got out of my car. My mother and her sister greeted me at the carport door - cause only strangers and solicitors use the front door, right? Lunch was almost ready - cream chicken and rice - my favorite meal. I got my hugs and then headed for the back door. Dad's Navel orange tree is in full bloom - just full of honey bees and the most delicious smell of any plant I have ever smelled in my 42 years. The entire backyard was saturated with the fragrance. . .
I could go on for a few more pages. Suffice it to say that today was wonderful. My concerns about 'what if this or that happens' never did manifest. I made it back safe and headed for the store to get some "fixin's" for smelts. Smelts are really just a sandwich with your favortie meat and cheese, etc. heated under the broiler till melted. Me and the kids ate late, since they had a late game and got home after I did, but we sure did enjoy them there smelts - and each others company.

Ecclesiastes 5:19
Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work-- this is a gift of God.

I pray that God will enable us to enjoy our everyday blessings, one day at a time. Just the simple stuff. And like those little creatures, fossilized for so many thousands of years, may the goods memories of the past remain in your heart and may you make many, many more good memories in the future. Amen.

P.S. Let's remember to continue to pray for our men and women in the armed services.


Anonymous said...

Hi George, I have been almost overcome with joy and amazement at how much God invests in those who watch for Him as I have read the last few days of your blogging, coming straight from your heart!

I could almost sense there would be a difference when I came by last Wednesday...it was evident that you were again in a particular place where God could reveal more of Himself to you! What a blessing and what a blessing you are for sharing so eloquently and transparently! Keep leaning on Him and He won't neglect you, but will perform His Word in,for, and through you!

I was drawn to Psalm 58 this morning and believe it holds a message of a "journey". Look it over when you get a chance, and be reminded that your "journey" will also be triumphant!! Praise God for the times of refreshing that come when you journey with the Lord.
I'm so thankful for God's gracious love that's at work in and through you...you are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your poem and His grace that is at work in you! Love and prayers, Betty

Russell said...

My dear brother, George:
Your blogs should one day be turned into a published book, seriously. This journey that you are on has brought out a hidden "writer" gifting in you that needs to be shared. I know that you touch my heart with your words and expressions and mannerisms reflected in your writing and I trust many feel like wise.
Your trip through memory-lane was refreshing and vivid and I can relate to several parts of it from my own youth. I love you and pray God's tender and healing touch be upon you today.

Anonymous said...

Hey George,

Glad to read about your trip. It is always good to return home and have the memories of the days when we were kids. I am going to correct one thing you said, and you know this is how we say it. You pulled your car up on the banquette, not the curb. Funny how we have our own language. Have a great day and keep your eyes on the Son.

Paul S.