Monday, March 26, 2007

Quick testimony . . .

Saturday night:
Prom has come and gone . . . it was really good, but I know the kids would love to relive it again. They had a great, wholesome time. The Shaw Center is an incredible place to have any function - with the open 4th floor view of the mighty Mississippi River and the Bridge - it was all a wonderful sight to behold. The temperature was just right and the sky was clear and stary.

Sunday morning:
Six of my friends from N.O. were able to come to Church services. They enjoyed it thoroughly. Afterwards we ate at Ralph and Kacoos. You know when you get a bunch of "Italians" together over a meal, you are going to first of all, have a good meal. Secondly, have lots of fun and laughs. Lastly, you might have a fight over who is going to be the first to get the check so they can pay for everyone elses meal (including their own). Well, true to form, that is exactly what happened. They refused to let me pay for me and mine, proceded to argue over who was going to pay for the ticket. Then the ones who wanted to, but were not allowed to pay, threw their money on the table in a pile. The person who won the honor of paying for us all then grabbed that pile of cash and on the way out handed it to Lauren (remember this part - he gave it to Lauren) and said, "this is from your Uncles". That is humbling - you have guests come to town and they wind up paying for your meal and then giving you money on top of that! Well, gift accepted. We all hugged goodbye, etc. Then we had to head to the baseball park for Bryan's practice and on the way we counted the cash.

Here's the testimony: Do you know how much the cash total was? It was the same amount as the cost of Lauren's prom dress (which was really expensive!) Now ain't that just like Jesus?

The story behind the dress is this: Lauren hardly ever complains about anything and just about never asks for anything. She is an awesome kid. While she and her mom were shopping for her a dress, she was looking at the price tags and then the dress. Robin saw this particualr dress, Lauren tried it on and loved it but when she saw the price, she said, "no way mom, it is too expensive". Robin thought about it, knowing how Lauren is and said, "no, we'll get the money to cover it from somewhere, you deserve this". So they went ahead and bought it by faith. And here we are a few days later with the same amount of cash in hand as the dress cost.
How does God coordinate this stuff while running the entire Universe? Talk about "multi-tasking"! ! ! But He does stuff like this in other areas, not just money, all of the time.

We are so thankful for all of His handy work in our lives.
Here is a scripture Robin shared with me during Sunday Worship service

Psalm 57:1-2
1)Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me,
for in you my soul takes refuge.
I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings
until the disaster has passed.

2) I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills his purpose for me.

until the disaster has passed . . .
who fulfills his purpose for me . . .
wow . . .
"In you Lord, we take refuge".
We all have a great week ahead. Be a blessing, the world needs to see your light...



Ruth said...

Wow!! Now THAT is cool. God has such a unique way to bless us that we never see it coming. I haven't eaten at Ralph and Cacoo's in a long time. I'll have to give that some thought!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Jesus amazing! The prom dress story so blessed me. What a picture of how real Jesus is!
We love ya'll...
Cathy and Bill

Anonymous said...

That's the Lord! Always ready to give us the "hidden treasures", the ones sown in faith are His to work with!
That is an awesome testimony! And Robin is right the girl deserved the dress....have any pictures yet?? I bet she looked gorgeous!
I visited a little with Mrs. Gerry Ryder today....had to make a delivery for her right there so I figured I would stop by and get a face with the name of the Lady ordering so many flowers from me!
She is a blessing! I enjoyed her.

P.S. She would like for you and Robin to visit more often!!! (Just a little side note).

Thanks for sharing George!

Be Blessed.