Tuesday, April 17, 2007

prayer request . . .

I have a prayer request for a brother in the Lord who will be undergoing the same kind of surgery I had over a year ago. His name is Mark Johnson and his wife’s name is Tammy. He is at Tulane in N.O. and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1 pm. So if you will, please remember he and his wife in prayer. The surgery is supposed to be between 4 to 6 hours long. May this be the best surgery this surgeon has ever performed.

My mother has the first radiation treatment tomorrow. We are praying for no ill side effects and for the radiation to do its job.

Rocky is eating like a horse. He mistook my finger for a nipple and chomped down on it with those needle like teeth! I wear gloves while feeding him and the formula sometimes gets on my finger - that is why he thought it was fair game.

We still are praying for and thinking about the families who lost loved ones to the shooter at Virginia Tech.

I had a pretty good day. Had to nap a few hours and then fooled around in the yard once it cooled off a bit. My stomach is still acting up and I am nursing a headache, which I do not normally get – you just got to work with what you got.

Continue to have a great week. George.

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