Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back . . .

Monday I had the upper GI scope (I think it is called an EDG) which showed no ulcers in the stomach or at the anastomosis. The doctor did note chronic bile reflux and possibly gastric motility disorder as a result of the ‘Whipple’ surgery (or PPPD). Apparently the surgery requires the severing of a gastric nerve that is related to stomach contractility and the hunger pains that we feel – well, that I used to feel. I know when I need to eat, but I do not get the hunger pains that I used to prior to surgery. He put me on two more meds in addition to an over the counter fiber product (Benefiber). I have not noticed a huge change in my symptoms other than I cannot remember half of the stuff that went on following the EDG. That is why they tell you to bring a driver to get you home safely. It is almost like you were dreaming all that happened. Everything went smooth, thank God.

I have been on the roller coaster since Monday. I hope the new meds will help because this gets so old – not knowing what condition you’ll be in each morning you wake up - and yet you come to appreciate a brief 2 or 3 hours of feeling good to where you can actually tool around in the yard and get something productive accomplished. I caught myself staring at a guy in his car while he was sitting at a red light as I was coming back from the store today. I was thinking, “He is probably coming home from work, I wonder where he works, if he likes his job, etc.” I found that kind of odd, since I do not recall ever thinking anything like that before. Hmm . . .

I greatly appreciate the comments from you all this week. It is a blessing to know you’ve got my (our) back covered. We are thanking God for what He is doing and what He is going to do in our midst. Jesus is coming to town.

TGIF. Hope you have a great weekend.


Russell said...

I want to relate my upper GI scope (and other procedure) experience that occurred a week ago to your recent experience. I too was given a sedative right before they were to begin. I was talking to the Doctor in the procedure room when somebody turned off my lights and the next thing I was aware of was being in bed at my house. Seriously, I had NO MEMORY of the procedure, the meeting following with Margie and the doctor, getting dressed, getting into the car, riding home, walking inside and getting into bed. None, nada, ziltch.... like I had been abducted by an alien space craft and they had done medical stuff to me and left me off with no evidence or memory. THAT was weird, George, so don't you wish that could be the way it is for some of your procedures??? Thought you could use a chuckle. If you think it was strange from my perspective you ought to speak to Margie about it from hers!
Love ya, man.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Amen to what Russell just said. My prayers are with Robin on this one even more than you.
The day of Russ' procedure was the day that I had to move my "No Complaining Bracelett" so many times that I got road rash on both my wrists.
After getting Russ home and into bed, I settled down to relax after a long day, thinking Russ would probably sleep till morning.
Nothing Doing
If the man got out of bed once to ask me a question - he did it ten thousand times ! !
What did the Dr. say? Did you call my mom? How did I get dressed? How did I get home? How did I get out of the car? What did the Dr. say? Did you call my mom?
I actually called his mom to ask if I could bring him to her for the night. But after explaining the situation - she declined the offer.
Anyway, my prayers are with you as always. I hope I gave you a smile.
Love to you and yours,

Sonja said...

Russell and Margie you two are...well you know soooo funny!!! I love you guys!

George...have you thought about what the Lord would want YOU to share with the body of Christ?? I know this may sound strange but you belong behind a microphone...lately when I have prayed for you I kept hearing the Lord (or atleast I think it is Him) say..."I want to use George to relay something that is on my heart" which I said, ok Lord and so why tell me?
Maybe so I can do what I am doing, share it with you.
Pray! Ask Him...
If He wants to share something through You to the body we had ALL better be listening! And Soon!

It's a beautiful day, Breathe deeply of the Lord's love for you!
Faithful warrior, Mighty in Strength!


Judith said...


I wanted to add my two cents about having procedures with memory gaps. I've had several dental surgeries in the last couple of years and I was told that there are relatively new amnesia drugs that are often used. My cousin, who is a doctor, told us that this is being used in lots of other procedures too. The result is that the patient has little or no memory of the procedure. I honestly have no memory of my two surgeries. I showed up and the next thing I remember is that I was home - hours and hours later! Personally, I think it helps to be informed about these things - for me anyway! So that's what happened to me. Of course, Danny and the kids have LOTS of memories of those two days! LOL! Apparently, we had all kinds of conversations and watched movies???
On another note, know that the Rhodes' family is keeping you in prayer. You are precious to God and to us!
Love ya,