Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial weekend . . .

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This is belatedbut I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. And thanks to all of you who served or gave your loved ones to serve in the defense of our country and for the sake of freedom around the world. As humans, some of us are so quick to point to history and say this group of people were treated unjustly by this other group or that this country was destroyed by this other country during this conflict or war, but how many remember and celebrate the debts owed to them as the result of one group HELPING another group?
Do you remember in American history how many countries came to our aide during our fight for freedom? In more recent history (within the last 100 years), we have helped those same countries that had historically helped us – and some more than once. How about our relationship with Great Britain? Now there is an interesting one.

This same idea applies to other historical issues like the slave trade – Jews, Christians and Muslims - all had a hand in helping slaves gain their freedom. Some participated in their freedom in practical ways like food and protection/hiding while on their way up North. Others fought politically to change laws which would in turn grant slaves more respect and recognition as humans. On an even closer more personal level, think of all of the families which have been a blessing to you and your family over the years - those who have been there for you and helped in a time of great need.

And then all of this ties together when we realize that we are all related as a result of a creative act of God the Father a long time ago. I know that sounds kind of like the hippies philosophy of the 1960’s or a little new “age-ish” but it is true. We may have a lot of time and distance between us, like 4th cousins so many times removed, but we are all still just one big dysfunctional family. We could accomplish so much and have such a wonderful world – and in many respects we do and we have, but we fall so pitifully short of our God given potential. One day, when He returns, we will all see things His way.

We had a very busy but good weekend together as a family. We were able to get a lot of the cleaning around the house type chores accomplished (as a team) which makes it go by faster and is more fun. The kids got to go swimming a lot with their cousins in pawpaws newly re-opened pool. They could not wait for the cover to be taken off!
We went to N.O. to see my Mom, Dad and Aunt Eva, my brother and his family. Carey, my brother’s youngest son, had stayed the weekend with us in B.R. to prepare for his finals this coming week, so we brought him home. He attends Bro. Martin High School – and they are still playing catch up since the Hurricane. . . I’m not going to tell ya’ll why my brother came to B.R. in the first place, cause some of you ladies may be upset with me. He had to ‘help me’ with the rabbits is all I am going to say.
As far as family goes, these are trying times for all of us and it is a blessing to be able to be close enough to get together frequently and draw strength from each other – both here in town and N.O.
Updates and Latest News:

My brother’s friend Danny was diagnosed with lung cancer – in both lungs – last week. The tumors are (I think) about 4 cm. Danny is a work and hunting buddy. We have been knowing Danny since we were in high school, maybe even earlier than that.

My dad’s friend Ronnie, who had been severely injured in an explosion 3 weeks ago, started talking - which is a good sign! Praise God. He told his wife that she did not need to be staying around the Hospital, that he was doing alright. Now is that a classic male response or what?

I continue radiation treatments this week. My marks are fading so I think I will need a ‘touch up’ at the body shop. Over the weekend, I had several crisis points which were very difficult to deal with, I even missed Church as a result. But thank God for a great support group that is so loving and understanding and also for available medicines to help.

The garden is keeping Mrs. Farmer Brown hopping! (or should I say picking). I picked our first regular sized tomato, a large cucumber, blueberries, cherry tomatoes and two ears of corn. A raccoon had dined on a few more ears while we were gone. They never eat the entire ear, so my “ladies” (chickens) get the remains. They just love that treat! And thanks to Paul Stouflette, I now have a huge fertilizer (manure) pile next to the garden and a very clean rabbit hutch. He cleaned it to the dirt, can I tell you! Rabbit pellets are excellent as fertilizer since it does not burn the plants like horse or cow - and believe it or not - it does not really even smell.

In closing (that is my Baptist preacher impersonation), I celebrate the One Who died for our freedom - freedom from sin, fear, hate, selfishness and hell itself, Jesus the Christ, the Lord of Hosts Himself. I celebrate His Life, Death and Resurrection this day and every day. Amen.

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Russell said...

I missed you at the service Sunday but can only imagine the difficult times that you go through apart from us. You are loved and admired along with your family. Keep running the good race. Keep smelling the roses... and other veggies. Keep smilin' in spite of the pain. U dah man.

Ruth said...

You continue to be in my prayers. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Danny. God is a big God, but it sure is a bummer going through all of this.

And you "took care" of the rabbits?! I don't know HOW you can do that. Humph!! =o)

Ruth Burton