Friday, May 04, 2007

Mountain Man . . .

We had some bad weather come through Thursday afternoon and night. I stayed up reading and writing with one eye and had the other eye on the T.V. weather reports. One of the weather men said there were 2,000 lightening strikes per hour registering on the radar. Wow!!!
Did ya’ll know that Robin brought Rocky (the squirrel) to LSU? They are much better suited to taking care of such critters than I – I feel like he is in good hands and will do well. Honestly, with 21 rabbits (soon to be only 6), 2 cats, 1 dog – oh, and how could I forget my new little ladies – 10 chickens - Rocky was too much added stress and commitment. He required too much at his stage of life. It was interesting while it lasted.

The rain snuck up on me earlier today and the little ladies got a little wet – not soaked, just a little wet. I was running some errands while I felt up to speed and while in Denham Springs picking up some bunny food, the sky fell. I couldn’t get into the store due to the down pour, so I drove into the warehouse – which they did not mind considering the circumstances. They load everything up for you. I cleaned out the ladies cage area and while I was doing that I let them scratch around in the yard. They love to hunt and peck – kind of like how I type. I returned them to their spot on the deck – which is definitely temporary – and made sure they were properly covered this time.
Wil and I are getting together on making a “chicken tractor” which is a movable chicken coop. This allows you to move the ladies to fresh ground for scratching and hunting bugs and prevents the ground/lawn from being “overgrazed” so to speak. An added plus is the natural fertilizer they leave behind.

Ladies, this next section is something guys can appreciate a little more than you – maybe - maybe not, so read on:

I am 're-watching' a documentary about a man named Richard Proenneke. Wil Howell had told me about this guy a while back, so he let me borrow the DVD. This man Richard decided, at the age of 51, to move to the Alaskan Northwest territory, build a cabin and live there – which he did – until he was 82 years old! He chose an idyllic site for his cabin, cleared it, put down several inches of gravel which he hauled to the sire himself, cut the trees for logs using all hand tools (starting the Summer before, so the logs would be dry), built the cabin (notched log style) with a moss roof (all hand dug), made a smoke house, a storage house raised up in the air (out of reach of all critters including Grizzly Bears) for storing all of his food and smoked meat, a refrigerator – which was a hole he dug in the ground down to the frost level and lined it with wood and sealed it off with a thick layer of moss, built – it was incredible the things he did with only a dozen or so hand tools. He even built his own chimney, bed, furniture, bowls, spoons, etc. (He reminds me of my brother, who has a woodworking shop – he makes all kinds of stuff out of wood like this man). The weather got down to minus 50 degrees F in the winter. To top it all off, he filmed this whole process of himself, by himself and also captured a lot of footage of the local wildlife/landscape. I guess he just set the camera up and let it roll. It was very inspiring. At the age of 82, he decided the winters were too cold, so he dedicated his Cabin at Twin Lakes to the Lake Clark National Park and moved back to the City.

After it was over, I felt a little saddened knowing that all of the hard work he had put into this project – this dream of his – would soon one day be rotten and forgotten. (Look out Rev. Jessie!). He too would one day be forgotten, as will all of us. The thought, “All good things must come to an end”, came to mind. I read over Ecclesiastes 3 which has a similar philosphical theme. That is such a good book to read.

Ecclesiastes 3:11-13
11 He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the hearts of men;
yet they cannot fathom what God has
done from beginning to end.
12 I know that there is nothing better for men
than to be happy and do good while they live.
13 That everyone may eat and drink, and find
satisfaction in all his toil-- this is the gift of God.

Verse 13 stuck out after watching the documentary. This guy was happy by himself for all of those years, just enjoying the work of his hands and the natural handiwork of God via nature. We all work to pay our way in life. Hopefully, we get some time to relax and enjoy the works of our hands – as it said, “this is the gift of God, to find satisfaction in our toil. . I remember when I used to be in the lawn and landscape business. I so looked forward to the end of the day when I would get home and clean up, eat a good meal and just relax with the wife and kids, knowing I had “done good”. Or how about when you cut the yard, trim the hedges, etc. and then look back on your work and how good it looks – you just feel good about it – like you’ve accomplished something productive. The same could be said about any task we put our hands to do. Do whatever we do as unto the Lord and with all of our heart. I like verse 12, “He has also set eternity in the hearts of men. . .” Some of the scenes in this film are so breath taking – the mountains and lakes create and command such an awe and respect. You cannot help but to think about eternity. And to think if this place is this beautiful, how about the One Who created it all? And how about Heaven? Talk about a mind blower. I am going to have to quit. It is 3:12 a.m.

This is Friday. I hope you are finding satisfaction in your work – if not, ask God to help you or ask Him for a different job. Have a productive weekend. Remember, Good conquers evil.
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Anonymous said...

I have heard that it has been said: "The End of a matter is better than it's beginning"! Not sure if that is in scripture but it sure rings true to the believer....what we obtain here on earth, what we do, what we become, is nothing compared to where we will end up and obtain in the End of physical things...
An End always seem's to have a beginning, since the true beginning came about that is!! the beginning God created etc....
He knew it would be difficult for us to leave but He also knew that once He captured our hearts, where we would End up!!!! Wow, can't really imagine it...
Jonah and my niece Emily were playing yesturday...passing a "good time" yeh sha (as the cajuns say)and also coming time for what we call "night, night" which Emily say's Noooooo, I want to play!!! My response to that was one I never said guessed it,
"Emily, all good things come to and End...I paused and then said unless you belong to Jesus, then it just begins"...she looked at me like "what did you say?" and giggled a little! It was cute...I pondered on what I said, then today I read your isn't that interresting!!!!

You are a blessing....Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might...and well, let's just say totally Blessed!